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Several people have nominated me for this one and I am so sorry but I have los track so will for now mention the amazingly feisty, wise and warm Kelly from Daydreams of Mum and thank her for the Top 7 Tag.

My Top 7 posts of 2018

Please don’t say this to a cancer patient

This is a powerful post from the lovely Sara who having faced cancer herself is now helping so many others affected by the cruel disease. My blogging journey started properly when my late Mum discovered she had cancer and told me to write. I think she knew then that she was not going to be around for long and my blog will always be one  of her many legacies. So it pleases me that my top post for 2018 was also about cancer and has helped so many.

Reasons I struggle with home education

This was one of those all too common posts where I talked about how I struggle with things. This time if was about just how wobbly the home education journey can be. It spoke to many home educators and I thank all the home educators who hold my hand a bit online and also those non home-educators who are so lovely in taking off their hats quite so willingly to those of us who give it a go.

Home education guilt

We now guilt is a pointless emotion but so many of us mums indulge in this one too often. This is a post from me about how I feel guilty as I try to home educate two of my children.

Interview with an inspirational woman

I encourage women to share their stories on my blog partly because as the blog is my mum’s legacy it seems appropriate to celebrate strong women who do not necessarily realise how amazing they are If you want to feature on my blog, just contact me via email, Twitter or my contact form.

Wuka knickers for when you have your period

I guess you can’t really have a female-focused blog without mentioning pants and menstruation. If you don’t know about Wuka knickers, I do recommend them for that particularly challenging time of the month.

World Childless Week

I am very aware that I have struggled with many aspects of parenting. I have moaned a lot too. Sometimes you get a wake-up call and when I hear of women who struggle to conceive I value the blessings of my three children. In this post, Steph shares her personal story and the reasons for setting up World Childless Week to support those who are childless whether by choice or circumstance.

Strong Soham Mums’ Charity Calendar

Soham is one of those places that brings a lump to the throat for most of us for fairly obvious reasons. Lockerbie and Dunblane do the same. However, we do not hear of every story of loss in these places or of the strong people within them. This post celebrates a group of mums who have all lost children in different ways. They put together a Calendar Girls type charity calendar to support charities who had helped them along the way.

7 things I loved in 2018

My new man otherwise known as my oldest son for his strong opinions on politics and world affairs, for his caring and sensitive nature and for knowing how to handle me.

My daughter with her focus, feminism and feisty attitude. For her creativity and plans. For her self-belief which was so threatened when she was in school. For being utterly herself whilst also a bit of a mini me in terms of looks, views and talents.

My youngest son with his charisma, comedy, charm and chef ability. For his wisdom and ability to diffuse confrontations. For his wordplay and humour.

Nature around where we live with beautiful forest walks right on the doorstep where I love to get out with the dogs, cat  and kittens. I am usually accompanied by my new man which makes it extra delightful.

My adopted community which  have taken me back to the best of me full of fun, fine conversation and laughter. It is such a caring place where people look out for each other. They know who Kate is and I love that.

My milestone birthday and the “do” put on by my new community after a little nod from my husband. I don’t think I have ever felt so loved by people other than family and it was gorgeous. Everyone should get at least one night like this one in a lifetime.

Myself or at least a little more than I usually do. I guess when strangers who are becoming friends start rating you and letting you know you are OK, you wake up and realise you actually are. You learn to not listen quite so much to the negative voices in your world and that has to be a good thing.

7 things that I am looking forward to in 2019

Although I will miss him, I hope my new man will move in with my brother this year as part of finding out what he wants to do now he is an adult. I suspect theatre, history and politics will be the mix. He is also interested in volunteering perhaps with the Citizens Advice Bureau which I think he would love just like I did once upon a time.

I am looking forward to my daughter growing in confidence and continuing with her many projects.

I am already enjoying helping my youngest son develop his interest in cookery with meal planning and cooking from scratch as the order of the day. I also have plans for him to make some new friends.

I want to continue to enjoy my beautiful surroundings and to get that soul food from the forest.

I suspect there will be more fun to be had in my village this year and there may even be a move into the centre itself or perhaps not. Either way, there is much to love about this part of the world.

I intend to have a milestone year after a milestone birthday and to fill everything on my fantasy birthday present list. Some things on it came my way anyway and in unexpected ways but there is more to do including that afternoon tea in Paris and perhaps a visit to the ballet.

I am going to build on that self-care that I have started. I only have myself at the end of the day as we all do. I have to be OK. If I am OK, I am nicer for the children to have around and I can contribute more to the world. Also I find the more I love myself the less I stress about those who mistreat me.

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  1. This is really nice – I like the idea of a Top 7s tag. You wrote some really thoughtful and emotional posts last year. I’m really enjoying following your journey x #PoCoLo

  2. A fab selection of posts from last year! And many wonderful things to look forward to this year. I hope you have so much fun working through your birthday milestone bucket list! I am yet to do mine. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing with #MMBC. x

  3. What a lovely tag I hadn’t seen this one. I love the things that have made you happy and how family focused that it. I hope you have a fabulous 2019. #POCOLO

  4. I so love these posts!! I continue to be envious of your little community where you live but super happy for you that you have them and the ‘real’ Kate can shine around them #blogcrush

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