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Leaving your home safe when on holiday

The vacation season is on and people are off globetrotting and enjoying their favorite destinations. Meanwhile, their home is at risk of getting robbed, vandalized, or even fire breakouts and water leakages. Are you leaving your home safe when you go on holiday?

When a home is left unattended for a few days or weeks, the risks of damage to your property are escalated manifolds. To minimize these potential risks of damage to your home while you are traveling, here are a few tips:

  • Make Sure You Turn Off The Mains A common reason for short circuits in residential properties is rats. Unattended homes welcome these rodents, which make the corners and cracks their hiding place. These rodents can chew off the insulators on the wires, leaving them open to short circuits and cause damage.
    • The main power supply to your home has potentially high energy which is sufficient to burn down your home. It is better to switch off the mains to avoid any damage. There can be a possible short circuit in the mains, which may lead to a fire accident.
  • Bubble Wrap Delicate Items Another benefit that bubble wraps offer is to keep these items clean and not let any dust or grime get on to them.
    • When you are away, there’s no one to take care of your belongings in your home. Delicate items can easily be damaged or broken by the time you return from your vacation. And you wouldn’t certainly want to clean up a mess coming back from a vacation. It is best that you leave all your delicate belongings such as a glass vase, or your vine glasses bubble-wrapped. Natural agents such as wind and storm, or any natural action, can easily shake these items and cause them to fall.
  • Check For Damage To Water Pipes Corroded parts need to be replaced and leaking joints need to be tightened. This would ensure that the water supply system of your home remains in good condition when it is left unattended for several days.
  • Before you leave your home, it is wise to check all the water connections for leakage and corrosion. Leaving these faults unattended for long can be risky and lead to flooding of your place. You should get a professional to help you identify these faults and repair them in time. You wouldn’t wish to return from your vacation only to find your place flooded in water.
  • Turn Off The Gas Connection
  • Another possible risk in your absence is leakage of gas which can potentially lead to an explosion. The gas supplies, like other supply systems, are vulnerable to corrosion and leakage. This may lead to the accumulation of the gas, inside your home, when it is locked from all sides. A light spark can lead to a disastrous explosion. It is best that you turn off the gas before you leave. Turning off just the stove may not be sufficient. You need to turn the gas off from the main supply line.
  • Do Not Leave Your Belongings UnattendedBonus Tip!!  
  • Peaceful travel experience is something that you wouldn’t want to miss. And in order to enjoy your vacation stress-free, these tips can prove to be helpful.
  • You can also, rent out your place if you plan to leave for several months or a few years. This would not only keep your home maintained, but can also bring in some revenue while you enjoy your travel.
  • There are many other options that may prove to be helpful in keeping your home and your belongings out of danger when you plan to leave for a longer time period. For example, you can hire a house sitter to take care of all of these problems when you are not present. Professional companies that offer house sitting services are affordable and really good at providing satisfactory care for homes. Another benefit of hiring a house sitter is, they can keep your home clean and maintained. Making your home look like it is occupied.
  • Before you leave your place, make sure that all your belongings are safe. For example, lock all your precious jewelry in a safe. Put your valuables properly in your closet or chest, if you like one. Leaving these items in plain sight can invite thieves and robbers. It is best to leave no expensive and precious items out of their safe zone. Another alternative that you can try is to keep them with your bank. Your bank can provide you with a locker for a limited period of time. This way you wouldn’t have to worry about your valuables.

Do you have tips for leaving your home safe when you go on holiday?

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