I think I am an April Fool

It’s April Fool’s Day and I think I might be the fool.

I say this as I seem not to understand what is going on in this world right now.

Today, we are encouraged to eat 7 portions of fruit and vegetables per day so that we can all live longer. This is only a few minutes after we were told fruit is dangerous because of the sugar content. What is this obsession with living longer anyway? Our society is not currently equipped to deal in a way that meets the economic and social needs of an ageing population. Yet here we are are carrying out research studies into how to ensure we all live to the age of 200. If we do who is going to pay for us and who is going to care for us?

Then on social media and television programmes, women are making a big deal about not wearing make-up as if it is some brave feat. I do it all the time. I must be due a Pride of Britain Award any day based just on this fact. I won’t make myself popular by saying it but it worries me that some women seem quite so terrified at the idea of being seen in public as they really are. Who has given them that message? Whose purposes does it serve? By the way, I am no way saying it is not great to do things to raise money for charity but I just wonder on this particular campaign what it says about womankind.

The parenting police tell us every day how we are doing it all wrong giving conflicting guidance so we are guilt-ridden which I actually can’t think is good for our children. My parents smoking in the car was the very thing that turned me off trying cigarettes. Fattening goods and salt played a huge part in family food when I was a kid yet my parents both lived into their eighties. Guess what? We even had meals on our laps most of the time in front of the telly and yet we managed family conversation. Again, I am not saying smoking in cars is good – I am merely saying that life pans out and eventually ends whatever the research studies say.

It’s true I am an April Fool and actually if the world keeps going weird on me, I don’t want to live to 200 anyway.

5 thoughts on “I think I am an April Fool”

  1. This made me smile,
    I was just reading about the fruit and veg thing and Some days yeh I probably hit the target but some days I really just want to eat carbs all day!
    And about the make up My self and a couple of other mums were “nominated” to post a photo of ourselves with no make-up I did but in reality i hardly wear any anyway!
    I mean what mum has time to put on makeup when were stuffing our face’s with 7 portions of fruit and veg!

  2. The contradictions in food advice makes me ignore all of it! And I wear very little if any make up most of the time too, can’t be bothered just to go up to school! I think most of us are fed up of being told what to do all the time, we mostly know the healthiest or right option anyway, and sometimes we are being naughty while fully armed with that knowledge, that is half the fun!

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