Reasons To Feel Happy

Tired but making great progress

I thought it was about time that I got around to celebrating my weekly positives. I am tired but making great progress on various fronts. In fact, that is probably why I am so exhausted. Lots is happening all at once so my mind is whirring and last night I did not sleep well at all. Here’s a quick life update before I settle down to soap operas and an early night.

He’s leaving home

It is odd to see this as a reason to be cheerful but my 18 year old son leaves to live overseas with my brother next Monday. The flight is booked and his case is just about packed. He is excited at the idea of a new and more independent life. I have to let him go. Is this the greatest gift us parents give our children I wonder? We took advantage of an amazing  sale to get him some new clothing so he is all set really. It makes this week feel a bit surreal as we go about our son and mum routines for the last time for at least a while. We had a blip when the suitcase code was lost but my younger son managed to free it with a little online research. I owe lots of people thanks for helping me to make my promise of getting my son to my brother this month come true. He travels on my late Dad’s birthday which seems symbolic.

She is getting more independent

My daughter has got on with things so well in her own way recently. She can cook for herself happily enough and sometimes even for one of her siblings. She likes her own space and is very much like me in that regard. She is making great progress with her French lessons. She made me smile the other day when I said we would not be doing any structured home education that day. “That’s OK. I learn all the time anyway” was her response. Having said that we have some new exercise books and have just chosen a mix of standard topics from the National Curriculum and some more personalised ones for both my daughter and my youngest son.

He’s doing OK but needs more of me

My youngest son had a trip out with us to get some new shoes. The prices were so low that he ended up with two pairs. I still feel he is not getting enough input from me but that can change really easily once my oldest son flies the nest as I will have more time available. We did have some real quality time watching a video about space the other day. We can build on this and he is keen to do more writing which is pleasing making use of our new exercise books.

My life plan

I need to work out what I want out of life on various fronts. What do I want to do? I am taking plenty of quiet time to consider all of this. I am also ensuring I research a number of options. I feel more supported than ever and am not in a mad menopausal panic. My life like everyone else’s is a series of ups and downs. All I need to remember is that I need to look after myself and to seek support when I need it.

Social life

I have managed to get out without my husband again. We also had a fun weekend with me eating my first English breakfast in over two years. Pork pies may also have featured. We found a lovely café where a wonderful Irish couple served us up great food, endless coffee and gave us free books. We spent some time looking round another bookshop which has a marvellous children’s range that will be a great resources for home education purposes.

One special lady known as Madame gave me some jewellery this week for no particular reason so that was a lovely surprise. I may have to think about getting my ears pierced again as there were a number of earrings as well as a lovely necklace. A special man who can be called Mr.  X. suggested I write a book inspired by my time in this special place. This was an idea already in my mind and if I cannot be inspired by my life at the moment, then maybe that novel will never happen!

People are kind to me and I have found myself being lovely complimenting a woman on her new hair style and on the look of another woman.

I attended a birthday party for a very wonderful man on Saturday. The party was one of those all day affairs but we just attended the evening bit as it turned out. There was food and drink. There were so many giggles – in fact the evening probably deserves a blog post in its own right at some point. I find it easy to be myself here. I like how people remember tiny details about me such as my love of Freddie Mercury. I love how they do not see me as fat, frumpy or old.  I love how there is so much word play and banter. Feeling accepted is a glorious feeling and helps me to accept myself more which is probably very long over-due.








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  • Kim Carberry

    Good luck to your son. I hope he has a wonderful time with your brother!
    It sounds like your daughter is doing really well. She sounds a very sensible young lady.
    Well done on finding somewhere which serves an English breakfast and pork pies.
    You sound very happy at the moment, long may it continue x

  • mackenzieglanville

    You have had a lot going on, both internally and externally, that does make you tired but you are seeing a lot of positives and I am happy you are getting out xx

  • endardoo

    Such a time … a lot to think about as your son moves away, Kate … but sounds as if you are taking great steps to ensure your next will be anything but empty … well done. #BloggerClubUK

  • Tracey Carr

    It sounds like it is the good kind of tired Kate, the sort of tiredness that comes from making progress and accomplishing positive things. I love that kind of tiredness. There is a great satisfaction in it. Everything sounds like it is continuing to go well for you and so glad to hear that your son is off soon to start a new chapter in his life. (P.S. I completely share your love of Freddie Mercury, I am quite besotted with him myself!) #bloggerclubuk

  • Laurie

    Everyone needs to feel accepted and appreciated. I was glad to read that you are getting that acceptance. Thanks for sharing your positives with us!

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