Tis the season to be jolly

Tis the season to be jolly and we are!

1. I am enjoying a little me time before Him Indoors returns from late shift.

2. I had a great weekend pleasing myself as my husband attended a 2-3 day away day thing with work. I think we both really gained from it. I had loads of relaxation and also worked hard blitzing the house.

3. I have discovered the Investigation Discovery channel on telly and am really enjoying it. I like the stories and working out people’s motives. When I studied Law, my tutor said he did not need to know the defendant has a green tie but I need to know what shade of green, who bought it, from what store etc. You get the idea!

4. I have had life decorating the house for Christmas. All the decorations have either come from past times or from charity shops ranging from 10 pence to 99 pence. Even our tree came from an animal charity shop and is one of the nicest we have ever had.

5. I am looking to a major baking extravaganza over the weekend.

6. I bought a book for my daughter today and she had read the whole thing already. Jacqueline Wilson clearly appeals to her.

7. We had huge fun making our own Christmas tree out of twigs collected from the park and then spray painting with gusto. We did it outside on Grandma’s memorial bench. Mum was a demon with gold and silver paint at Christmas so if we have made her bench sparkle I am sure she will highly approve.

8. My 15 year old has a girlfriend so there is lots of late night “revising” going on. It has given him a huge boost of confidence so I am thrilled to bits which has surprised all of us.

9. I had quality time with Him indoors walking the dogs and going for a greasy spoon breakfast at our favourite café this morning.

10. I went to see the nurse yesterday and she did not treat me like a fat person. The blood pressure thing went round and round my arm and the results were good. I am so proud of how I have improved both my physical and ental wellbeing this year.

11. Yesterday we went to see a Christmas Play and all joined in and Santa put me on his naughty list!

12. It is my birthday in a couple of days and something tells me it may be the best ever!

Tis the season to be jolly and all that!

3 thoughts on “Tis the season to be jolly”

  1. Lots of great news as usual – so cute that your son has a girlfriend and love that Jacqueline Wilson is as popular as ever, and wishing you a wonderful birthday x

  2. It sounds like the season is being good to you. I love how much your confidence has grown this year. Our physical appearance shouldn’t matter as much as it does, but I understand why you feel better, because I’m on the same journey.
    I hope your birthday, and Christmas, brings you more of what you wish for xxx

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