Toothsome Starters for wedding menus

If your aim is to make the wedding function stand apart from the rest, you should have a firm grasp on all aspects of the wedding. Whether you agree or not, the crux of a perfect wedding function is its lip-smacking food menu. The buzz and success of your wedding ceremony heavily depend on what kind of food menu you bring on board for guests. Let’s think about some toothsome starters!

However, the key question arises here is what are the yardsticks of a perfect and delectable wedding venue. How to identify food items that your guests would love to eat?

Well, it may be a bothersome and time-gobbling task for you to carve a scintillating wedding venue but not for the best wedding caterers in Delhi. Therefore, to satiate the taste buds of your guests and provide them what they wish to eat, you must harness the expertise of renowned wedding catering services.

As for now, we are going to state various flavorsome starters that you should definitely induce in the wedding food menu.

  1. Dahi Puri

This delicacy is perhaps the first love of all those girls are who are nuts for Golgappas and Dahi Papdi.  This tongue-ticking starter encompasses coriander, chutney, and curd spread all over the Puri which are the key reasons why everyone loves this starter.

Dahi Puri as a starter is massively popular in the North region of India.

  1. Cheese Balls

The name of the starter is sufficing enough to bring saliva in every guest’s mouth. This is one of the finest and crunchiest starters which is easy to prepare and pops up smoothly in the mouth.

To savor the taste of cheese balls to the fullest, pair this starter with red-chilly sauce to spruce up the taste of this delicious appetizer.

  1. Chicken Wings

This flavorsome dish is marinated with varied spicy and sweet sauces, deep-fried with sesame seeds, which is the key reason its taste stand apart from the rest of the starters.

For all non-vegetarian lovers, it is a right starter to quickly escalate their moods right from the beginning of the wedding.

  1. Sandwich Dhokla

If we have to define this delectable starter in one word, it would be remarkable. Those who don’t know, Sandwich Dhokla is a massively popular in Gujarat region with out of the world taste.

Dhokla is basically eaten with green chutney, and it prepared with the combination of Khaman and Rava.  To spice up the flavor of Sandwich Dhokla, add multiple layers of cheese and chutney to make it ready for guests.

  1. Mushroom Soup

Another stellar addition to appending in your list of wedding starters. Amid the selection of solid starters, we believe there should be some flavorsome liquid starters for guests and what’s better than Mushroom soup to add in starters?

It is best served piping hot during the wintertime and we bet your guests cannot resist having the taste of this delicacy.

  1. Dahi Kebab

Vegetarians don’t have as many options in cuisines as non-vegetarians have. However, to cheer up vegetarian guests, induce the real delight Dahi kebab in the starters list and serve it with green chutney. This mouth-watering delicacy is prepared with the combination of Yoghurt and Besan. Dahi kebab is broken into poky pieces and marinated in Pudina chutney to spice up the taste. Toothsome starters don’t come better than this!

  1. Chicken Lollipop

Chicken lollipop is an outrageously popular appetizer where the fresh chicken is marinated in a mixture and served in the form of lollipops to guests. The best thing about chicken lollipop is they can be prepared in different ways and give your guests a bizarre feeling when eaten.

With such an intriguing list, we are pretty sure you will carve the menu smartly and dazzle your guests by including these damn fine starters.

Do you have favourite toothsome starters to share with  us?




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