Top 5 ways to celebrate the birth of your child

There is nothing more special than the arrival of your child.  It is a moment you will want to mark in time.  Celebrating this precious moment can take many forms.  Here we guide you through some of the top ways to create a long-lasting symbol that you can look back on over the years.

Baby Fingerprint Jewellery

The fingerprint is our unique marker.  It is a code that sets us apart as an individual from every other human on the planet.  Therefore, creating baby fingerprint jewellery is a smart way to memorialise the arrival of this brand-new person.

Using laser engraving, you can have lockets, pendants, rings, and more, marked with the fingerprint of your new-born. It could literally be no more personalised to your family. You could choose silver and gold and hold this piece as an heirloom that you pass onto your child when they become an adult.

If you choose a pendant, you could have the fingerprint of your new baby hanging close to your heart.  There will be times when this will mean everything to you.

Plant a tree

A tree has many meanings.  Its roots anchor it to the ground and offer security, which is closely linked to the idea of family.  Consequently, the metaphorical sense of a tree is powerful on the day of the birth of your child.

A tree also has a meaning about the future.  With the state of the environment and with every tree planted, we take a tiny step towards countering the damage we are doing.  You are therefore making a statement about the need for a better future for your new child.  Not only will you be celebrating, but you will be making a statement about the need to preserve our world.

It is also something to look at each year, as it grows with your child.  It will form a lasting marker of your love and will outlast you all.  It is this idea of continuity that is also the beautiful symbol represented within a tree.

A new-born baby photographer

Photographing a new-born baby is no easy task.  First, and this is a controversial statement, new-born babies are not all cute.  Some new-borns look like they have been to war, and others look like they have been held in pickling fluid for too long.  Your baby will no doubt look beautiful, and a five-year-old with an iPhone could capture them beautifully.

What we are trying to say is that you might want to hire a professional who can do wonders when capturing the first few days of your baby’s life.  They can place them in props, position them skilfully and light them skillfully.  Such is the talent of a new-born baby photographer they could make Gollum look like the cutest thing ever born.

Having a collection of photographs from these earliest moments will be precious entries in your album.  We would suggest you get prints or large portraits produced.  This picture will help you capture that moment of love at first sight.

Baby castings

Another way to capture the small and delicate beauty of the new-born is by creating casts of the baby’s hands and feet.  You can have these casts framed and mounted and placed alongside your photographs.

There is no need to spend a fortune to mark the birth of your child. You can buy a kit from the high street or from Amazon.  It is something that you can make yourself and store away as a memory to share in the future.

Alone time

There are times for grand gestures and big parties.  Then, there is the time for a quiet moment alone.  The birth of your child will be a crazy time.  People will pop up from everywhere, all wanting face time with you and your little one.  One of the most precious ways to celebrate this new life is to close the door and ask to be left alone.  You should introduce yourself to this new life with a moment of silence together.   Even better, if you can, make skin to skin contact with your new-born.  This uniquely intimate moment will be burned in your memory, and there is no need for any object to make it any more real.

This moment is free, but it will be difficult to claim.  You will be tired and dizzy from events.  Therefore, you need to plan for this moment before birth.  Tell people that the first days of being at home, you want to be alone to get to know your new family member.

Celebrating Your New Baby






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  • loopyloulaura

    Each time I had a baby I wanted to shout it from the rooftops and share the news with loved ones. I am lucky enough to have my parents close by to babysit and give me alone time (not currently 🙁 ) Thanks for linking up with #stayclassymama

  • Karen Reekie

    Some really lovely ideas here. I don’t think we did any of these but my kiddo is 13. We have her footprints in ink, I must dig them out. #stayclassymama

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