Top Tips On Moving House

Top tips for moving house successfully

They do say that moving house is one of the most stressful experiences we come across in our lives. I have moved house more times than I care to remember. Every move is a learning curve. Today I am sharing my top tips for moving house that will cut out at least some of the stress involved in moving home.

Choose a good removals company – top tips on moving house successfully

In an attempt to save money, I have often tried to do the move myself. There is no doubt you can do this but I think it adds to the stress. You will arrive at your new place tired and even in pain from lifting when you are not used to doing so. It is far more sensible to find some great house movers who have the expertise to help you. They know how to pack things carefully so your most treasured possessions will stay safe throughout the  moving process.

Be sensible about packing

How much stuff do you really need to take to your new home? This is a wonderful time to declutter which is great for your mental wellbeing and will cut down your removal costs. Charity shops are a great place to turn your trash into treasure for someone else. You can also know you are helping a good cause which gives you a feel good factor. You may choose to sell some of your things too in an attempt to raise funds. Start packing things you wish to keep as soon as possible and invest in the right packing materials to prevent accidents. Make a plan for packing so it does not becoming overwhelming. An inventory is a great idea to make sure you can ensure nothing is lost in the moving process.  Start with your least used rooms such as the attic and then leave the things you use everyday until the last minute.  Remember that a good mover will be able to pack for you if required.

Your moving house survival box

You can make everything far more pleasant by having a moving house survival box. I remember moving on a hot day and not having cold drinks to hand. This was easily rectified but took up time and made for moody children. Your box should include things you will need on your first night such as toiletries, loo roll, tooth brushes and medications. In today’s world where we always need to be attached to our phones, have a charger or two available in your box. If you are like us, check out local takeaways in advance and have their leaflets in your box. I rarely feel like cooking on the first night in a new home.

Forward planning

There is so much you should do well in advance of moving day. I highly recommend visiting your new area to check out the facilities that will matter to you. That might be a particular type of shop or the local pubs. If you have children, it is great to find play areas or things like bowling alleys. When your children have put up with or helped with the move, it is nice to give them a treat in the first week or so. Send change of address cards to friends and family if you see fit. Also ensure that your bank, doctor and dentist know you are on the move.  Pop to the Post Office and arrange the redirection of your mail. Finally, ensure things like Council Tax and utilities are all sorted in advance.

What are your top tips for moving house?

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