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Pairing food and wine properly

What are your top tips on pairing food and wine?

When I was a child, wine was not a feature in my life with my parents drinking beer or spirits.

I first learned about wine on a holiday with my brother to France as a young adult. He is a lot older and had lived in various countries developing a good knowledge of fine wines. I found the topic fascinating but over the years, a lot of that knowledge is long forgotten.

So if you ask for my top tips on pairing food and wine, I would probably say white goes best with fish, red goes best with meat and always invest in a good dessert wine for puddings. I would advise a rose rwine for Valentine’s Day for its pink colour and that would be about it.

So I was very impressed by some advice from Roberson Wines on pairing food and wine. Anything that makes me appear more clever than I actually am is always a big hit with me!


I have never considered how to match wine with vegetable dishes. As I love Sauvignon Blanc and am on a healthy eating plan, I like this match very much! Vegetables tend to be low calorie so a sneaky glass of wine is allowed, right?

I am eating more fish and trying new types so it was good to hear about new to me wine varieties that suit fish dishes.

I was interested to read that you can pair whites and roses with meat on occasion.

Again, I am eating more game as it is lower in fat that other meats and means my husband does not miss out as he does not like fish at all. Love the idea of pairing tasty game with a rich red. I don’t drink red wine much but I savour a good red when I do.

I want to experiment more with Asian cookery and was intrigued to learn that there are wines that go better with spicier food.

On the days where all that makes life better is chocolate, I will now know what wines to choose for different varieties too.

What are you top tips for pairing food with wine?

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  • The Beesley Buzz

    This is something that has always confused and puzzled me and until recently i would steer clear of even attempting to pair food and wine properly! Then last year was our turn to do drinks for our groups of friends christmas get together and so i read lots of articles and googled lots to find good pairings with Christmas dinner. This year was my turn to make dessert so i did a strong dark chocolate cheesecake which i learnt to make at waitrose cookery school and matched it with pedro ximenez dessert wine as we had on the cookery course and it is just amazing together. So now i do make the effort to pair food and drink when i can. x

  • Tracey Carr

    This is so interesting Kate, it is something I have always wanted to learn about but haven’t gotten around to yet. I love wine but I also know there is so much I still don’t understand when it comes to pairing it with different food types. This was so interesting to read. My husband and I have always said that when we have time someday we will do some sort of a course. So it’s on the to-do list! Thanks for linking it up to #globalblogging !

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