Trying To Overcome An Unhealthy Addiction? Four Strategies For Change

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Being an addict can feel a bit like having your brain hijacked. You know that continuing to use is bad not just for yourself but also for people around you. However, it can be impossible to stop and return to sobriety. Using drugs causes your body to release various pleasure hormones that act as positive reinforcements and push you to use such harmful substances repeatedly. With time, you’ll need a much higher amount to achieve the desired effect, leading to them eventually taking over your life.

Drug abuse can be an incredibly vicious cycle that destroys millions of lives globally. However, at the same time, millions manage to beat their addictions and rejoin life as per usual. If you’re struggling with an unhealthy obsession, it’s best to find a suitable strategy for change and implement it. Below, we’ve listed some of the most effective methods of overcoming any drug addiction.

Prepare to change

This is inarguably the most significant step to moving towards a healthier life. Once you decide to commit to being drug-free, you can start this journey. However, preparing for change doesn’t just include determining to act differently. You need to act fast and take decisive action before things get out of hand with any addiction. This preparation can consist of throwing away all your drugs, cutting contact with your dealers, and, at times, removing yourself from the environment that pushed you to start using in the first place.

This first step can often be the hardest, and the best way of staying committed to your journey can be checking into rehab. In the internet age, a quick search can help you find a reliable rehab center near you that can cater to all your needs in this challenging period. So, for example, if you live down south along the east coast In West Palm Beach, FL, search for a Florida institute on Google and look up a rehab center near you. Repeat the same for any other city in the US. Professionals in such facilities can help you detox and rid your body of all the damaging chemicals so you can start afresh.


If you have spiritual or religious leanings, you might find it easier to move towards recovery. This belief is more than just conjecture. Various studies attest that increased spirituality can predict better outcome rates for addicts. Spirituality isn’t just limited to being religious. Instead, it’s about giving more significance to life and getting in touch with your values. Having a value system can help you decide better between right and wrong and make decisions according to your moral compass.

Spirituality can be a powerful tool in the hands of a recovering addict. It can help you forgive yourself for the mistakes you made and push you to seek other’s forgiveness too. Furthermore, it can help you forgive others who may have prompted your addiction so you can move forward instead of being stuck in the past. Lastly, spirituality can motivate you to bring greater meaning to your life by giving back to the community and making amends.


Although you may find it hard to believe, working out can do wonders in helping you overcome your battle with addiction. Sometimes recovery is all about finding something meaningful to do with your time instead of giving in to your cravings. Exercise can be just the thing to help you spend time positively instead of using drugs. Furthermore, much like using drugs, exercise releases dopamine, a decisive positive reinforcing factor. Dopamine can stimulate feelings of pleasure, motivation, and hope.

Furthermore, exercise can help you regain much of the energy, muscle mass, and strength lost because of your addiction. Addiction can often cause sudden weight loss or gain, both of which can significantly affect your health and self-esteem. Working out can help you regain your stamina, strength, and physique, which can go a long way in helping you stay motivated. Over time, you can use working out as an effective way to combat cravings and keep drug abuse-related stress at bay.

Keep yourself in check

One of the biggest reasons for relapse is that recovering addicts often fail to hold themselves accountable. This lack of accountability is what prompts an addiction in the first place, and falling prey to the same patterns can start your struggle afresh. It’s important to note that while you might suffer from some hiccups along the way, it’s essential to move past them. However, if you feel too guilty, you might feel forced to justify your actions to yourself and others.

You might minimize the issue by telling yourself that the issue isn’t as big as it seems, or you may deny the problem altogether. In either case, you end up harming yourself or others around you. We can all fall prey to such thinking patterns now and then, and having someone to keep us in check can help. With an accountability partner, you can put yourself on the right path even if you do falter.


It may seem challenging, but recovering from drug addiction is possible. By incorporating these strategies into your day-to-day life, you can have a better chance of staying clean and sticking to your decision. Although it may seem hard at the start, you’ll have a much easier time sticking to your decision and turning your life around as the years pass.


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