Understanding If Your Child Is Happy At School

Understanding if your child is happy at School

Where has that summer holiday gone? It’s hard to believe that we are mid-September and quickly rolling towards Christmas. The beginning of a new term can sometimes be stressful or worrying for children as they have had a long 6 weeks away from their friends and not be used to the daily routine of school. Bassett House, a Prep School in Notting Hill have pulled together some top tips on understanding if your child is happy at school.

Observe their attitude – understanding if your child is  happy at school

Has your child become more withdrawn than usual? If you notice that your child is spending more time alone in their bedroom and less time talking to family and friends, then this could be a sign that there is something wrong at school. Maybe you have noticed heightened emotions or mood swings? Some parents put this behaviour down to teenage hormones; however it is important not to dismiss these signs straight away.

Encourage conversation

The simplest way to find out how your children are feeling is to talk to them. Sometimes as soon as they get home is not the best time to do this, it might be better to let them unwind a little first. Be sure to ask detailed and open ended questions that require more than a one word answer. Your child’s reactions, body language and answers to your questions will give you a strong indication as to whether or not they are happy.

Talk to the Teachers

Your child’s teachers spend five days a week with them and see them in situations that you do not get to. For example, if your child has an argument with some of the other kids, the teacher will probably have heard about it. It’s important that parents and teachers work together to build a partnership that protects all children’s happiness and wellbeing.


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  • Kim Carberry

    Great advice. My youngest had a bad time at her old school and it was easy to see when she wasn’t happy. She would come in from school so angry. Now I’m glad to say things are better at her new school! x

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