Unsure – word of the week

Why have I chosen unsure as my word of the week?


1. I have embarked upon the home education journey with my daughter. I am reaching out to find out the best way to do this. We have learned a lot already. I remain unsure on when to take a break and when to go for it with gusto. I am learning as I go along and I am OK with that but the word unsure applies as we make our first tentative steps.

2. I let my youngest son walk to school alone this week. He seemed keen but then a little nervous too. We have talked this through and I will walk him tomorrow – he is keen to walk the last bit himself so we will work out what is the best plan as we go along.

3. My teenage son had a last minute panic before starting school again about catching the bus. His Dad is giving him a lift when he can and at other times my son is managing the bus fine after those feelings of uncertainty earlier in the week.

4. I am unsure about things after the disappointment of my husband losing his job so soon after making the big move South. I don’t have the faith in him as breadwinner that I once had and I need to remember neither of the job losses were his fault. I wonder if we should head back to the less expensive North but then we love it down here and we can head up to London or down to the South coast on a whim. I sense we will stay but it does not feel like home quite yet.

Although I am unsure, I think things are fundamentally OK. A baby that learns to walk falls over sometimes. The key is to keep getting back up again and then soon it will be climbing, jumping and hopping too.

Our family will too.

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  1. No wonder you feel unsure Kate, you’ve all been through so much this year. When my daughter & I started out on this road, it felt very daunting (for me not her, she was just relieved!) so we took the time to de-school her, so she could get out of the being spoon fed school mentality, once we did this, I was able to gage what sort of learner she was & we were on our way! Take your time, join some local HE groups, check out the Facebook groups if you haven’t already & go with the style that suits you! Always here if you have any questions x

  2. All understandable things to be unsure about, and I think it’s normal to feel unsure regularly! As you say, the key is to keep on going and it helps to look for the positives and progress as there’s always some if you look hard enough. I hope it’ll feel like home there to you soon and that your kids soon settle into their journeys and education x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  3. wow that is so brave doing homeschooling. What year is she in? I would love to do it being a teacher myself (to be fair I teach her a fair bit anyway haha) but I would worry too much!
    I hope everything works out with your husband’s job. That is a really scary time. xxx

  4. Gosh, I can totally understand why you’ve chosen that word; HE is a brave decision but I’m sure you’ve thought about it, and planned it, so you’ll be fine. There are so many HE bloggers around, so you’ll have a good network to tap in to. It’s normal to be unsure about things at times, it’s the type of nervousness that makes us all human. Stick with it, and I hope everything turns out ok

  5. Nice choice of word considering everything going on! I do hope everything straightens out and the South starts to feel like home to you guys! x

  6. I hope things pick up soon. I’ve had quite a lot of uncertainty this year too – unemployed for five months so no money coming in at all until I got a new job, plus we had to abandon our plans of moving home – so know exactly how you feel. I’m sure everything will work out for you though. 🙂

  7. Completely understandable to be so uncertain, lots of new things and lots of unsettling things. I really hope that you start to feel more sure soon; looking to the positives is a very good starting point x

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