Walk to School Week 2016

Walk to School Week 2016 takes place from 16-22 May throughout England, Scotland and Wales. It challenges schools and their pupils to walk to school more during the week. It’s a great way to celebrate walking and can be a stepping stone to year-round activity. Last year, over 14,000 classes took part; that’s approximately 400,000 children walking to school.


Although I now home educate and get out walking a lot, it is always good to be reminded of the physical and mental wellbeing benefits of getting some fresh air and talking to people as you walk. With the obesity levels in this country, the more all of us walk the better.

When we walk, we have time to chat. We have time to stop and stare. I used to stop and have impromptu picnics with the children when the weather was fine. You can walk the dog at the same time. Let’s hope it is sunny by May!

My son Ramsey says:

“The great thing about walking is that you never know what you are going to come across. It also gives me a sense of peace”

Walk to School Week is organised by Living Streets, the UK charity for everyday walking.

The fundraising element of Walk to School Week takes place on Tuesday 17 May, or ‘Happy Shoesday’. Children and teachers will wear the shoes that make them the happiest and donate £1.

Money raised will go to Living Streets for work with schools, disability groups and local communities, and campaigning work to make UK streets safer for everyone.

Contact: Schools interested in getting involved should contact Living Streets for more information about available resources: 020 7456 9794.

Will you get involved in Walk to School Week 2016 and encourage your school and community to do so?

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