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Want to lose weight?

Here is this week’s Muffin Top post but please be aware you can link up on any day of the week with your weight loss related blog posts.


If you don’t blog, please leave a comment as to how you are doing.

Two bloggers linked up last week and do check out Michelle and Shell Louise’s posts as they are very inspirational ladies.

So let’s get this week’s Muffin Top Monday started. You can post about weight loss as you see fit and if my headings help do use them but don’t feel constrained by them.

1. How was my weight loss journey this week?

I beat my weight loss target for January by one pound.

I took my measurements and have lost 1 inch from my waist, one from my tummy and two and a half from my hips in just one week. My friend gave me a great tip that measuring in centimetres makes the loss look bigger so is very motivating.

2. How much had I hoped to lose?

I was hoping to lose 2 pounds this week whilst recognising that even a pound per week is a great loss.

3. What have I enjoyed eating this week?

Sprouts – I love them!

Porridge made with coconut milk

Lots of fish and vegetables.

4. Have I eaten anything unhealthy this week?

Premenstrual tension saw me tucking into pain au chocolat and toast and butter. So very silly when I am trying to get my blood sugar levels down as I am prediabetic. Back on track and forgiving myself for the blip today. I will come up with a good plan for my next time of the month.

5. How are you feeling about losing weight?

I am feeling good having gone from 18 stone something to 15 stone something since late November last year. I like how my tummy is very visibly smaller now. I am enjoying getting into size 18s again.

I did get cranky when my home scales said I had lost 3 pounds this week and then the accurate ones said something different.

5. Do you have a top tip to share with us?

Make a real commitment to weight loss and accept it may well be a long journey but you can do it. Just think how we are prepared to pay large amounts of money and time to visit overseas so why not invest in yourself and anticipate how lovely you will feel about yourself WHEN you are slim.

6. Have you lost any weight this week?

I have lost 2 pounds this week and I am hoping that next week my kg will be in double rather than triple figures. There is always a milestone to aim for on the longer journey ahead.

As I say, you can link up any weight-loss related post and I look forward to getting to know you and celebrating our success in due course.

I will visit all posts and encourage others to visit too via the blog hop and by promotion on social networks.

7 thoughts on “Want to lose weight? – Muffin Top Blog Linky”

  1. Hey Mrs Slinkyhips!!
    Well done you!
    I have been counting the calories of late and I’m a pound off losing my first stone. It’s all weight I’ve lost before, but I’m on a lose weight part of my gain lose gain lose epic journey!! I’m not going to make bold statements like I did last time of I’m never going to be fat again because well, ta daaa!!
    I have one mantra – a new one devised by me for me.
    It’s simply
    As long as I am lighter than last week.
    Even if it’s an ounce!
    Forgive me for not taking part in your linky, but I’m struggling to even get the post out I’ve been writing for days!!
    Love Rachel xxx

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