7 Ways To Find Your True Calling

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No matter how old you are or what job you are doing, if you don’t feel satisfied, then it’s probably time to find out what you really should be doing. It’s not just about doing what you enjoy, but about feeling fulfilled, challenged and satisfied. It might not even be one thing, it could be more, but how do you know?

Deal with the present

Stop thinking about what you think that you should be doing or where you should be in five or ten years time; think about what you’re doing today. What you do today matters, so if you do have a long term goal in mind, then work on it now. What is making you happy right now? What is working for you right now and what isn’t? Whether you’re interested in studying Education or you feel the urge to travel, then do what is right for you now. 

Be open to opportunities.

If you’re looking for your calling, then you probably won’t find it, and if you hop around from job to job, then you’ll probably end up even more confused than before. That said, you don’t want to give up on finding out what your calling is, so you need to be open to it coming to you. It might not be what you expect so say yes to odd opportunities, things that intrigue you, instead of the ones that bore you.

Do not follow someone else’s dream.

Don’t think about what your parents want you to be, what your boss wants you to be, what your friends want you to be or what society is clamouring for you to be. You can’t please everyone, and you shouldn’t try to either. You need to do what is right for you, what feels right and what you think you should. At least that way, if you get it wrong, you tried it, and you can take responsibility and move on.

Ask others what they think.

While it’s important not to do what other people want you to do, sometimes it’s really useful to get other opinions. People see things differently, and your friends and family may see something in you that you haven’t seen in yourself. Just see what people think and what they think you would be good at and see what makes you feel good or if there are similarities in what people say. 

Remember that you can change your mind.

What you decided to do in life doesn’t have to be forever. Most people choose their paths around the age of 18 when they leave school, however, as you get older and change and grow you will find new things to do and places to be and people to know, so feel free to change your mind.

Don’t confuse a job with a purpose.

If you are working to support your family, they are the people who matter most. If you are working to further a goal or idea, don’t let your salary get in the way and hinder your progress.


There is no right answer, so don’t worry about it so much because there are thousands of viable options.


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