Weight loss journey

How can I finally make my best weight loss journey?

I am joining in the blog hop run by New Mum online to do with losing baby tummies (or in my case teenager in training tummies) and this is my second week of documenting my hopefully best weight loss journey,

Last week, I had a mixed week. There was certainly progress with me eating healthy breakfasts of cereal or boiled eggs.

I did an online supermarket shop and bought in lots of Weightwatchers meals. I did quite well at eating those and not giving in to fatty meat and so on.

Two things defeated me. Although I did not drink to excess, I drank more than I had planned to when starting my week. I think this is a relatively easy one to handle. If I don’t have drink in the house, I can easily avoid it.

For some reason, I ate butter on my bread. I don’t do that normally so what that was about I have no idea. It is a weird thing this losing weight campaign. There is a little voice in your head that encourages you to be naughty.

I have not got weighed yet but may work up the guts to face the awful truth later. After all, I can’t shout about my weight loss without a starting weight, right?

I have also invested in some clothes in a size smaller. Well, actually I got them for free but I felt they might give me another little push in the right direction.

The exercise front has not taken off at all so that is something to work on this week.

It is great to feel part of a group of women and mums facing similar challenges.

We can do this and just think how proud we will be when we do.

To find out more about the group of mums working wonders, check out #mumentum on Twitter or visit the New Mum Online blog.

Wish us luck on our best weight loss journey!

Love from the Striking Mum x


  1. Would like to be a yummy mummy September 13, 2011 / 4:17 pm

    I have no alcohol or treats in when I need to lose weight, have had 5 weeks where husband has been home & he’s snuck in all sorts of treats. Good luck with fitting into your new clothes xx

  2. Sarah Anguish (@littleboo_21) September 13, 2011 / 6:41 pm

    I often think about doing an online shop but then think oh I’ll forget something so pop instore. Too many treats to tempt me, must write a list, order online and stick to it

  3. Liska September 15, 2011 / 9:19 pm

    One of my weaknesses seems to be bread. I need to find an alternative to toast for breakfast. Your post has reminded me I need to start actively using #Mumentum again (on Twitter).

    Thanks for linking up – and yes, we’ll be ever so proud of ourselves.

    Liska xx

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