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IMG_2659Here is our week in pictures.

Day 1.

My daughter teaches me (or attempts to) Scratch. She explained things so clearly and made a presentation on circles following our geometry lesson. She showed an eye for design and an ability to work out the needs of different audiences.


Day 2

Storage is so exciting once you become a parent because it is so essential. This gets worse when you start home-educating so we are investing in these pink boxes that are a bargain at just five pounds and slide under the bed and out of sight nicely.


Day 3

It is always a fun day when our Baker Ross parcel full of arts and crafts goodies arrives. My daughter likes nothing better than crafting.


Day 4

I am making great progress on the decluttering front as proven by the fact that the cat can now sit in this drawer!


Day 5

I bought this postcard showing bloggers of yesteryear on a seaside trip. Nice to find it as part of the deluttering process. Perfect outfits for blogging conferences.


Day 6

You know you are committed to healthy eating when the family have a pizza and you stick with trout.


Day 7

Got up early for the thrill of seeing frost on the car windscreen. Funny what you miss when you move from Up North.


We have not being out in the fresh air as much as I would have liked this week. This means we have got lots done indoors but I hope next week’s pictures show some exciting expeditions out in the big wide world.

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