Weekly update – a mixed bag

You find me lounging on fresh white cotton bedding which always cheers my soul. I have finally got the window in the bedroom shut so the  wild winds are there but not disturbing me. I have had the traditional bacon butties brunch. I have caught up with political shenanigans. I have worked on future plans as ever and now am indulging in a little therapy of the blogging variety.

Yesterday I got caught out when I treated myself to a Guardian at the garage along with some food. My calculations were wrong so I did not have enough money with me. My son was outside with my bag and wallet. When I rushed outside he had disappeared. You have got to love teenagers! I located him eventually and went back into the garage to pay up and collect my things. I joked with my son that the garage had called the police on me. When I told my brother about this incident, he said I must have found it stressful. I realised that I had not done so at all. I just dealt with it in a calm way. I was not pleased to be keeping other customers waiting but it was just a human error and that’s OK. It made me realise how the friends I met in the last 3 years have changed me so much for the better. It is really true. I find myself sitting here in a vest top as it is warm not worried in the slightest about what my husband would refer to as my bingo wings.

I had such a giggle the other night when I went to tell my son his tea was ready. I decided to say that there was someone to see him and said it was his college tutor at the door and he should hurry up. He knows I am a wind up merchant so I don’t often get away with it these days. This time I did and it was so funny to see him panic wondering why she might be there and what he might have done wrong.

Life rumbles on in lock down. I feel a little frustrated now but have also worked out that I should harness that to carve out what I want moving forwards. I add structure to my day and that helps. Post Office trips have happened to get little gifts to special people. They are nice in the Post Office and every human connection counts so much right now. One of my gifts has arrived already and the recipient loved the scent of the soap and the book I sent her. I have always loved giving so have other parcels to send this week.

I am reading a book about attachment and relationships. I am finding that very helpful. I want to write a review of book I read by Fannie Flagg a few weeks ago and hope to get that done this week.

I have looked into my ear problems and think I may have Surfer’s Ear even though all I surf is the Internet. That is good news in some ways as it is treatable and may resolve the hearing difficulties in my left ear.

If I do say so myself I smell divine having given myself a little pamper session this morning with lotions and potions from Bronnley. Having said that I am struggling to work out how to open the dusting powder and a bit nervous in case I end up spilling it everywhere.

All my family are alive and well and keeping in touch as they see fit. I have decided to relax about that. People are what they are and they have a right to be that way.

I sleep well and eat well here. A highlight this week was a fish pie courtesy of my brother. It was amazing. There was also a funny incident where we all got gassed by egg smells. My brother had started to boil them whilst watching a Place in the Sun. The location was Portugal and Cliff Richard’s house got mentioned. This led my brother to leap on Google to take a look at the  house. To his delight he found it was for sale and was dreaming a little dream when the eggs boiled dry and then exploded. Our neighbour gave us some beer one night which I really enjoyed and of course wine is here whenever I fancy a glass.

I seem to be obsessed with Etsy right now. I have found myself looking at it into the early hours of the morning for two nights in a row.

My bag broke this week and I do not have a coin purse. So last night I found some bargains on Accessorize and added some espadrilles and a Aztec fan to deal with those hot flushes. I have chosen a mustard coloured handbag. To mark and remember this very surreal period I added a rainbow tote and pouch set.  I have just sent for a tape measure so I can measure myself for a new bra or two as I want some comfy non-wired ones for the warmer weather. Plus I am not sure what size I am these days.

Telly wise, we have finished the bonkers White Lines and the Last Post. My son and I are watching Peaky Blinders now which I don’t find as gripping as Sherlock and The Lost Kingdom. I don’t really mind. It is a delight to have quality time with my son and we are still getting our regular walks too.

So that is my life right now for anyone who is interested. My brother is calling me for a coffee and all is well in this corner of the world. I hope your week is a positive one too.




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  • midlife singlemum

    I know what you mean about acquiring some inner strength or esteem or confidence or whatever it is during these weeks of lockdown. I also feel stronger and have a more solid sense of self and self-worth. I wonder why this is? Maybe weeks of no pressure to perform to other people’s standards? No stress? Who knows. I must go and wrote my R2BC post. Have a good week. xxx (Btw – I’m watching Hinterland on Netflix and enjoying it very much. It’s a detective series set in rural North Wales.)

  • Kim Carberry

    I would have found the drama in the garage so stressful.
    hehehe! That did make me chuckle about you winding your son up saying his college tutor was at the door.
    It sounds like you’ve had a good week.
    Etsy is like a worm hole. I can spend hours on there just browsing. x

  • Joanne

    I would have been stressed out and annoyed looking for my son and wallet so good for you for keeping your cool. I really need to learn that lesson for sure. I too was just trying to measure myself for a few new bras not having any clue what size I am now just knowing the ones I bought last summer are much to big now.

  • Hannah

    Haha love that you wind your son up – I’m so going to be that mum too! I already am a bit but four-year-olds don’t quite get the joke sometimes and take it too seriously! #anythinggoes

  • loopyloulaura

    Ooh lucky you haing a pamper session! I’m lucky to get a bath on my own and this week Anya painted my toenails (and most of my toes…) Thanks for linking up with #globalblogging

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