Weight loss journey – week 3

I have lost a stone in just one week!


Well, technically I have lost 2 pounds this week but I have seen the stones figure go down by one digit so I may be a little over the moon.

I have not done great at healthy eating this week which I think was down to comfort eating. Last week we had all the stuff around my son being attacked and having to call the police and this took its toll in lots of ways. I am an emotional eater and this is by far my biggest challenge when it comes to losing weight.

I am now back on track and have had some porridge for breakfast and avocado for lunch.

I find I no longer enjoy unhealthy food when I have it and find it difficult to digest.

The happy pills are keeping me mainly on the level emotionally so I am hoping they will assist this journey too.

The bad news is that most of my trousers now fall down when I put them on but I guess that is a good thing really as shows the inches are going down too.

As ever, the online support really keeps me going on this weight loss campaign so keep it coming.

In fact, gold stickers for losing my first half stone will be most welcome.

2 thoughts on “Weight loss journey – week 3”

  1. Well done. You are doing fantastic and no matter how small a loss remember you are moving in the right direction. Know you were disappointed that you didn’t lose this week but it just shows that regardless of the struggles you are facing if you keep at it you see results.

    Hope everything is ok with your Son now and the police visit to his attackers has done what was need and you all can put this behind you. congratulate him for talking the upper ground and not fighting back. He is clearly a wonderful example of how to behave. This is because of you and the example you set.

    I may try and join you on the healthy eating plan this week but am so busy I may struggle to keep it up. But any meal of the healthy kind is a step in the right direection

  2. I’m an emotional eater too, and I’m feeling a bit stressed, with Christmas coming. This is really affecting my choices, and I keep going too long between meals.

    But, I shall keep trying to follow your example, and we will be hot to trot by britmums xxx

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