Weight loss journey – week 5

I lost just half a pound this week.

I am happy enough with this as it was my time of the month.

When I spotted I was not losing, I had a burger. It made me feel so ill and it is like my body rejects unhealthy food now. I also fell into the trap of eating children’s pasta leftovers this week.

So it is a loss and that brings me to over 13 pounds now so I am on target to have lost a stone by the time we enter the New Year.

I now only have one pair of jeans that will stay up so clearly the inches are going. I also notice that my boobs are looking bigger and my waist is looking slimmer. Him Indoors seems to be noticing this too! I am also pleased to report that my sleeves are a little looser too.

My next challenge is to get through Christmas and to maintain or increase the weight loss.

Thanks to all my online supporters – all your back up makes a huge difference and keeps me on track.

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