Support for weight loss for mums

I think it is important to give and find support for weight loss for mums.

I started a weight loss linky last week called Muffin Top Monday although be aware you can link up on any day of the week with your weight loss related blog posts.


If you don’t blog, please leave a comment as to how you are doing.

Only one person linked up last week but after years of blogging, I know that if two people can support each other in challenging times that is perfectly valid and fine. Of course, if more bloggers would like to join in this week, that would be amazing too.

You can post about weight loss as you see fit and if my headings help do use them but don’t feel constrained by them.

1. How was my weight loss journey this week?

I wrote down some monthly targets in my diary.

I also took my measurements – scarily huge! However, they will provide another measure of this journey as I go along.

2. How much had I hoped to lose?

I was hoping to lose 2 pounds this week whilst recognising that even a pound per week is a great loss.

3. What have I enjoyed eating this week?

Avocados – healthy fats and I restrict myself to two per week.

Porridge made with almond milk.

Lots of fish and vegetables.

4. Have I eaten anything unhealthy this week?

Yes I had some meat yesterday which I found incredibly difficult to eat. I think my tastes have changed radically in the last 3 months.

I also had some cheesecake and biscuits which was silly as I never eat such things these days.

4. How are you feeling about losing weight?

I was feeling positive and motivated. I still am but I had a wobble yesterday when I saw women much smaller than me saying how fat they felt. It made my journey seem a very long one again. So I got emotional and turned to sweet things as above. So silly but I am back on track the next day so forgive myself.

Support for weight loss also involves us looking after ourselves and our emotions.

5. Do you have a top tip to share with us?

Take things one day at a time and celebrate every day of healthy eating.

Almond milk – I love how this tastes so creamy and yet is so healthy.

6. Have you lost any weight this week?

I have lost 3 pounds this week bringing my total loss to well over 2 stones. This is what that looks like.


As I say, you can link up any weight-loss related post and I look forward to getting to know you and celebrating our success in due course.

I will visit all posts and encourage others to visit too via the blog hop and by promotion on social networks.

We can all give support for weight loss.

Wbat support for weight loss do you need today?

5 thoughts on “Support for weight loss for mums”

  1. Well done Kate! I’m not blogging my journey, just don’t want it to be public. I may comment on this next week though, when I’m back from my trip and eating healthier again xx

  2. well done. So happy for you. You are doing absolutely fantastic. Don’t be hard on yourself for having a wobble and try not to compare yourself to others. We are each on our own journey with different start and end points and different reasons for our journey. You are doing fantastic. Not sure if I can get round to blogging as The Girl is still quite ill and it’s having a bit impact on everything right now, especially my energy levels and motivation to do anything other than survive. I’ve lost 1 stone 2lb in 3 weeks. Happy with that but know I’ve reached the point where my motivation wains and with poorly child I’m really struggling with motivation. I’m going to try and push through but may have big wobble next few weeks. Eating healthy but having added extras on top which I need to stop.

  3. Good girl, that loss is really showing. Never mix-up your journey with somene else’s. We all have our own weight loss demons. I learnt at Overeaters Anon when I went for a few years that even some people of a size 8 thought they were fat and had far bigger head issues than I did at a size 22. Don’t let anyone hamper you. Mich x

  4. Love this – good work.
    I finally bought some scales last weekend and on Monday weighed myself – and was a stone and a half heavier than I want to be…


    Alas – it is done and now I am RESISTING the office biscuits and eating carrot sticks.

    I am not going to weigh myself until Monday – but have pals coming to stay for the weekend, so will be having wine etc – am just hoping to lose 2lbs in spite of that. I will post on Monday!


  5. Well done on your loss Kate 🙂 I know what you mean about the journey feeling like a long one. I’ve stopped thinking about the end goal now and I concentrate on the smaller ones.
    Right now I’m aiming to get my 8.5 stone award back. My next goal after that will be to get my 9 stone award.
    Small chunks rather than one big one is easier for me to deal with in my head 🙂 xx

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