Weight loss plateau – week 2

I have eaten very healthily for 6 out of 7 days this week. However, I seem to have hit a weight loss plateau.


I am reading up about weight loss and trying to be more active I am eating lots of fish and lots of vegetables including festive sprouts!

I was at the theatre last week and gave in and had a glass of wine. It cost a small fortune and I did not really enjoy it. The next day there was little of the healthy variety in the house so I had garlic bread and some fatty pork belly. I did enjoy the garlic bread but was surprised to really dislike the fatty pork, usually one of my favourites. I guess my tastes are already changing.

I was hoping I might have managed a weight loss in view of my largely good as gold behaviour.

However, the scales show no change from last week. Online support reminds me that a maintain is good and far better than a weight gain.

My reading suggests if I take a treat day every week and up my exercise levels, the plateau should pass soon enough.

So I am keeping on keeping on and in this for the long haul.

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