Well being – it’s time to get it back

Today, I finally managed to get registered with the local GP in a move towards greater well being.


I am not too impressed with all the silly little barriers to getting this done. You had to know your NHS number. You had to deliver your forms back yourself. Blah. Blah. Even today, the receptionist just copied my identity proofs and handed them back with no further guidance. I assertively asked for the Patient Information Leaflet I could see behind her. Shouldn’t that be handed out as a matter of course to new patients. This leaflet tells me I will be called for a check up which is good because I have various little health niggles.

1. Fatigue – I am OK but then when I do get tired, it is crushing and catches me unawares.

2. Itchy skin – this comes and goes

3. My toe nail has turned a strange colour.

4. I also sometimes think it would be an idea to get a little counselling. I have found it helpful in the past.

5. Smear test – embarrassingly overdue.

6, Weight – tedious to go on about it again but it does need sorting as I could tell as I trudged up the hill back home.

7. Thirst

Today, I walked with the children and handed those forms in. On the way back we had a little picnic.

This is not a momentous well being post but I have at least made a baby step in the right direction.

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  • Leigh - Headspace Perspective

    Registering with a new GP is a right old rigmarole. Well done on doing it though, it’s an important step towards well being and I hope you manage to get the niggles on the list sorted soon too x #wellbeingwednesdays

  • Glenys

    Re; the cartoon: My saying is ‘if you can see it, you can do it!’

    You may find, as I did when I hadn’t been to doc for many years & went with a list I’d saved up, I was told by GP that she could only do a couple of them, because of time limits & I’d have to make another appt for later in the week for the ones we didn’t get through. I rattled through them quick!

  • Jeannette @autismmumma

    Well done on getting registered and making that list.
    Hopefully now they’re written down, you can see that some are easily achievable, others not so, but won’t it feel great to cross them off?
    Thanks for linking up with #wellbeingwednesday

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