Five biscuits that have played a part in my life

Five biscuits seems like a lot of favourites but they have always played a part in my life so here you go!

It is funny how hard it is to concentrate on biscuits and not get caught up with chocolate bars, cakes and all manner of things.  Biscuits, think biscuits.

five biscuits

1. Custard Creams – I would not say they are the tastiest in the world but they have that comfortable sense of familiarity about them.  Can you remember a time when you did not know what a custard cream was?  They remind me of home.  These days, they are the biscuit of choice when my children come home from school and run through to Grandad’s biscuit tin.  There was also the rather embarrassing incident when I was a teenager and in a drunken state asked a Catholic priest whether he would like a “Cussy Wussy” whilst leaning over him in a most inappropriate way.  I was never really destined to be a nun.

2. Bourbons – They are as familiar as custard creams.  However, they are better because they involve chocolate.  You can probably tell a lot about a person by the way they eat these delights.  I take off the top layer and then lick the cream.  Yes, even now that I am a grown-up girl.

3. Millies Cookies – These are wonderfully calorific and naughty.  They come in all sorts of flavours and are so tasty.  One of the main reasons I like them is that I associate them with becoming an adult and making my own choices.  When I went to college, a new friend took me to the kiosk where they were selling them.  She already knew all about them and was amazed I did not do so.  There were many things I had to learn at aged 18 and cookies were just the start.  Of course, my children take trips to Millies for granted because times really have changed a lot.

4. Digestives – I am probably cheating here but I include both the plain and the chocolate ones.  I love the taste of the plain ones and there is no better comfort for period pain or any sort of angst than a packet (or three!) of choccy digestives. Weirdly, you could be disgusting and binge eat them with female friends but blokes and children tend to make comment about your gluttony.

5.  Fox’s Biscuits – I am loyal to my roots and love all Fox’s Biscuits.  I was brought up within a couple of miles of the biscuit factory.  Most of my Mum’s friends and relations had worked there at some point.  If you stayed for 25 years on the production line, they rewarded you with a gold watch.  However, you had to put up your hand if you needed the loo so someone could take your place.  My friend H went to work there briefly and was making brandy snaps.  She hated the smell and I seem to remember her then boyfriend bought her some brandy snaps once as a gift and she nearly threw them at him.  There is a particular chocolate biscuit that Fox’s make that I like with a bumper outer biscuit layer and chocolate inside.  However, you can’t really go wrong with any Fox’s biscuits.

Perhaps we should all confess whether we are dunkers or not?  I confess to dunking.

What are your five favourite biscuits?

13 thoughts on “Five biscuits that have played a part in my life”

  1. Bourbons were my top one (I also have a way of eating them!).
    Mmm Millies Cookies, although Ben’s Cookies beat those hands down (although i do remember those being about 45p each, and now they cost about £2 each!)

  2. Fox’s are my favourite! Everybody seems to love bourbons and custard creams, but I don’t really like them at all. I do love a Rich Tea for dunking though!

  3. My name is Claire and I too am a dunker! I love Custard Creams too but I have recently fell in love with Oreo Cookies which have overtaken Creams in the filling department!

  4. The only biscuit here that I’ve heard of is Digestives. And they are probably different in Canada than where you are. The Bourbons sound interesting.

  5. I hated bourbons – they were always the ones left in the tin on the rare occasion you got a tin of biscuits in the house – but custard creams … they really bring me back. I’m gluten free now and they’re one of the things I miss. As for the Catholic priest lol Well! I’m sure he had a real laugh .

  6. Must all be British cookies, I’m not familiar with any of them My favorite cookie is chocolate chip made from cake mix, my Grandmother taught me how to make them.

  7. Hobnobs and chocolate ones even better, and then there are chocolate digestives especially the dark chocolate ones… do you see a pattern emerging?! Of course, I won’t say no to anyone of your chosen 5 biscuits either… could you put the kettle on I’m coming over? 🙂

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