What Are Your Five Top Christmas Toys? – Listography

We can ignore it no longer. The man in the fully red suit will be here soon and our bells will be jingling. Kate over on the Kate Takes 5 blog asks us to list our Top Ten Christmas Toys of all time. What would you choose? What do you remember most from your childhood? Or what was a hit with your own children?

1. Dolls’ House – My very favourite toy was my doll’s house made by a joiner friend of my Dad’s. It was perfect with a red brick roof, shutters on the windows in blue, all carpeted and wall-papered. Perfect. I loved it so very much. Then one day it got wrecked in a house move but Dad lovingly restored it. The worst moment was when the joiner friend of my Dad’s got himself a younger woman and had 2 children with her. “You won’t mind if we let his children have it now you are older” said my Mum. Well, off it went but I minded then and I still do sob!

2. Dolls – I used to get at least one doll every year. I preferred Sindy to her more glamorous counterpart Barbie. Sindy was wholesome (like me!) and Barbie looked like a tart (not like me!). I used to love all the different outfits and went wild when they introduced those dolls where you could make their hair longer by yanking at it. I remember my Dad spending one whole Christmas Day trying to get a doll that did tumbles to work for me. He succeeded and it says a lot about the man how he was determined to make it right for me. My very best dolls were two that came with a riding stable and horses. Like my own little girl now, I had a huge thing about horses and always said I would own one. This dream did not come true or not yet anyway. My Auntie once got me a doll where you pulled a string and it said about 5 phrases. Recently, it came to my mind when I was criticising Him Indoors for his limited conversation skills. I know that is very cruel but it amused me.

3. My Golliwog – Yes, I know this can be controversial but I loved mine very much and he was on my pillow every night for a lot of years. Enough said.

4. Fuzzy Felt – Occasionally, I see Fuzzy Felt sets in charity shops and I am transported back to my childhood sitting making colourful and creative pictures. When I think of these times, I realise how very like me my daughter is with her love of things arts and crafts.

5. Plasticine – Does this still exist? You could make anything with it and I used to like making snails and cakes. Creative play at its best.

Overall, I remember always having the biggest pile of presents at Christmas and I got to open them first as we did it in age order and I was the baby of the family. I was a bit spoilt I suppose being the youngest, the only girl and adopted. However, I don’t remember many of the gifts and the doll’s house stands out above them all as made with time, effort and love.

Also, some of these cherished pressies seem incredibly girly for someone who regularly purports not to be. There is probably something to learn from that.

Now, get thee across to the Kate Takes 5 blog and indulge in other Christmas memories.


10 thoughts on “What Are Your Five Top Christmas Toys? – Listography”

  1. Hahaha I remember fuzzy felts! I prefered Sindy too although she was more popular than Barbie during the 70’s. I had an old suitcase full of sindy stuff…i loved her! Great List x

  2. Great list – I was never horsey but every other thing would be on my list – we have found fuzzy felt in toys r us and are getting some for LT this christmas as it’s so good. Plastacine I found recently as well. Now if only I could find Stickle bricks I would be sorted

  3. Fuzzy Felt! I’d forgotten about Fuzzy Felt. I loved that! And yes, saw plasticine in John Lewis yesterday. Looked lovely but it’s hell to get out of the carpet (I seem to remember!)

  4. I was never allowed a Barbie growing up – something about her looking unrealistic. My daughter has just inherited my Cindy though so will see what she thinks of it.

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