What cheerfulness means to me

I thought I would check what cheerfulness means partly as inspiration for today’s post as for a variety of reasons I am feeling tired.

Google tells me that cheerfulness is the state of being noticeably happy and optimistic. I am happy enough at the moment but more importantly I am optimistic with a real feeling I am in charge of my own destiny. I think it is a long time and possibly over 10 years since I last felt quite this way.

This year will bring great changes and I have 2 options both of which would improve things for myself and my family.

Happiness this week came from again listening to my mind and body and giving them what they need. This enables me to be more present for my children and to get things done efficiently too.

My oldest son is recovering steadily after his operation and it is nice to have him around more.

My daughter continues her mix of creative brilliance combined with strong opinions on current affairs.

My youngest son and I have had huge joy this week playing with fire!

Apparently cheerfulness also means the quality of causing happiness. I am discovering by allowing myself to be happier, it almost inevitably results in those around me being happier too.

It’s a time for snuggles and lazy hours in between spurts of creativity and brilliance.

More mundane thoughts include being over the moon that I have several bin bags ready for the tip tomorrow and more for the charity shop. I am finally working out that streamlining the house a little makes housework so much easier.

What cheerfulness means varies from individual to individual and from week to week. Will you celebrate that will the Reasons to be Cheerful blog hop?

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How are you cheering others?