Has my taste in men changed over the years?

We change over the years in so many ways. When I was in my teens, I was strongly of the view I did not want or need a man partly because I felt it would make me lose focus on more important things like my career. Of course, them I became totally smitten in a presumably unrequited way and ended up living with one bloke and marrying another.

I was reflecting recently on whether my taste in men has changed over the years. Do women look for different things as we get older? I have concluded that my must-have list has stayed pretty much the same since teenage years.

Sense of humour

Men who have appealed to me over the  years have always had a good sense of humour which is a good job because I can be quite witty and love a bit of banter and word play. Laugh easily and make me chuckle and I am all yours!


I will notice a man if he is kind to others whether adults, children or animals. When I am struggling I want a man to show he cares with  a kind word, a touch or a small gift based on who I am as an individual. If he leaps in to protect me when I am threatened in any way, I can transform into my very own version of Cinderella.


The way to my heart may well be through you making  me a coffee. Invite me for coffee, make me a coffee and wake me up with  coffee and you are my dream date.

Intelligence and conversation

I am an intelligent woman and I enjoy good conversation. Despite what many people might think, I love to have my opinions challenged and to get involved in a good debate. So ideally I need a bloke with a great mind who is willing to talk a lot. Lack of deep conversation is a big challenge in my current relationship.

Respect for women

I am proud to have brought up my boys to respect women. It pleases me to think how they will treat women as they leave home and carve out their own relationships. Respect for women is too rare a commodity in society still but that is changing and about time too. So please respect my thoughts, feelings and body and we will get on amazingly.

These days I would be a bit sensible too and look for someone who is ideally working and good with money. Similar interests would be good too such as a love of the arts and history. We live and we learn but it was fun to see how little my tastes have changed over the years.

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6 thoughts on “Has my taste in men changed over the years?”

  1. I met my husband when we were 15 and had a massive crush on him. We finally got together at 20 and have been together 10 years this month. I think my tastes have stayed the same out of necessity!! I get what you mean about lack of deep conversation though, He’s good at talking about world issues. but not great at talking philosophy or feelings. My sister used to be my go to for that kind of thing but she’s emigrated to Canada and I’m feeling a bit starved of it now! #BlogCrush

  2. I think it is natural for our tastes to change as we do ourselves. I guess all we can hope is that as we grow our partners do too and we stay on the same trajectory. I think whilst my ‘taste’ has changed, if I did find myself looking again, then it is more things I would not be willing to put up with that have changed from past relationships. Someone with self value and motivation, able to cook and clean. If I could just add a little film/boxset obsession to my husband I would be one happy lady 😉 Thank you for joining #BigPinkLink

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