Blackout fabrics are obviously true to its name; it initially blocks out light. Blackout fabrics are mainly used for drapes, so as to ensure that not too much light comes in to your house if you don’t want it. It has been used by many most especially in their bedrooms so to keep light from coming in thus not disrupting a good sleep even when it’s already sunny outside. It’s preferred by many due to its number of uses and desirable advantages.

It may seem like a normal fabric, but it’s actually stands different from other types of fabric. Here’s why:


Imagine you worked long hours on a Friday and still had to do over time until midnight; given the mental and physical strength that you exerted after a long day just keeps you longing to go home and indulging yourself in the comforts of your bed. Then the next day came and you got woken up by the bright sunlight from your window and your curtains are up to no good. Who would want that? No one for sure.

Blackout fabrics are good for people having trouble getting a good night’s sleep. The thick fabric blocks any light from coming in to your rooms so you’ll have a more comfortable time sleeping and not disrupted by unwanted sunlight. You don’t have to worry covering your face with the comforter; blackout curtains already got your covered…literally.


Given the thick character of blackout fabrics, it is then eligible to say that it also block out unnecessary noise outside from being heard. The dance fabric provides a more peaceful atmosphere to your room which can block atleast 40% of noise from outside.

Longing for peace and quiet? Blackout curtains are also best for people living in cities for a more comfortable and noise-free home.


Some fabrics can be thin and can also be somehow see through. Having blackout fabrics on your curtains is great when you want to have the privacy that you want even with the presence of windows. Because of blackout fabrics thick cloth, one is not able to see through the fabric which means your activities are unlikely to be seen from the outside. The opaque material that’s built in with the fabric makes it too difficult for the naked eyes to see what’s happening from both sides of the fabric.

Blackout curtains are best for those who have see through or glass windows. Trust me.


Windows are by far one of the loopholes in our homes that lets temperature escape. Because of the layered property of blackout fabrics, it also blocks temperature from going out of your premises. Blackout curtains are preferably used also during winter season, so as to save electric bills due to the use of heaters all day long.

With the presence of blackout fabrics, your house warmers can take a break for some time. Rising electric bills no more!

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