What is my word of the week?

My word of the week is Reprieve. Just like last week the word came to me very clearly and strongly.

We are still here thanks to the generosity of someone special.

We stumble on trying to work out if we should move, when and how whilst also trying to sort out a heap of other things out particularly my husband’s ongoing search for a job and its impact on finances.

Reprieve can mean the postponement of a punishment. Quite why life is punishing us right now I do not know. Perhaps it is just our turn for challenging times. Everyone has them after all.

Reprieve can also mean temporary relief. It is a big relief here with lots of “Phew!” moments. Having said that, it may yet be only a temporary thing. The future is unclear for my husband. He gets interviews but, as he says, no cigar. He got some really great feedback today but a job rejection is still a job rejection. It makes it hard to make plans.

However, for today, it is important to celebrate the reprieve and to keep on keeping on.

4 thoughts on “What is my word of the week?”

  1. A reprieve can be what’s needed to keep you going, and even if temporary, to get you through the next week or two, surely good things will start to happen soon. There are some serious bumps in your road at the moment, but good things happen to good people, so I know yours must be just around the corner.
    Thanks for linking up with #WotW x

  2. I hope the reprieve brings you some space and time also so that you can recoup and be ready for the next fight, it seems you have lot of fighting in your corner. My word also came strongly and clearly this week. Sometimes the words are there because we need them to help us. #WotW

  3. Keep on keeping on. You said it. I will pray for you honey. This year 2014, our connection to the cosmos is greater. So a wish made is sooner granted. Find out if he has any “self limiting beliefs” that may be blocking him. If he projects that he wants to be in work, and if he projects what his heart’s desire is, he will draw it to him. He needs to have a CV in his heart that he is sending out there as a cosmic order. Liska xx

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