What is my word of the week?

I can’t quite believe my word of the week this time.

Does this image give you a clue?

breakthrough one

After months of stumbling on day by day trying to second guess the right moves to make, I sense we have seen a breakthrough.

A little easing of financial pressures.

The ability to relax together.

A step outside the comfort zone with confidence-building results.

I got a day to myself away from it all.

There is a sense of moving forward and the tide turning.

As the Queen song says “Breakthrough these barriers of pain. Breakthrough to the sunshine from the rain”.

I reflected on the word Breakthrough and realised that as in medicine, a breakthrough does not mean everything is fixed.

It is always an improvement and an important milestone.

My word of the week is Breakthrough and I am delighted that in the Queen song, the train is called the Miracle Express.

breakthrough two

I am putting in my cosmic order for a few miracles to head our way and soon.

10 thoughts on “What is my word of the week?”

  1. What a fab choice of word, Kate, it really does sound like the tide is turning for you all…finally. Good news!

  2. A wonderful #WotW. As you say, it doesn’t mean all is sorted, but that a way out has been found, a light glimpsed, and a forward momentum beginning. So pleased for you. Hope that you have a lovely week, and thanks for joining in with #WotW x

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