What makes French provincial furniture so popular?

When we hear the word French style, our imagination quickly runs to classy, elegant, and sharp pictures depicting the old world charm. Thanks to the era of renaissance, a number of French style paintings and furniture are left behind that speak volumes about the perfection, aesthetics, art and superior craftsmanship. French provincial furniture is also one such piece of art that is textured, elegant and enriched with fine details you will not find anywhere else.

The French provincial furniture was made using exotic roods such as mahogany and rosewood. Distinguished by ornately carved embellishments and delicate features, French provincial furniture was popular back then and is still popular now. The French provincial furniture you see today is actually a replica of the old furniture that was common in the areas of Lyon and Paris in the times of emperors like Louis IV, Louis XV and XVI. Ever since their creation, French provincial furniture and embellishments have had a special place in the interior décor industry. Not everyone makes the best French provincial furniture as it requires special craftsmanship such as the experts at christopheliving.com.au have.

There are some special features of French provincial furniture that make it all the more special and popular among the people who have an eye for detail. Here are some distinguishing features of this furniture that make it a popular choice.


1.     The Lines

French provincial furniture has lines that are really delicate. There are curves in the designs with embellishments and carvings that have a feminine appearance. This furniture makes you feel like you should be in your best manners and behavior as these classical pieces bring a peaceful serenity and dignity to the room. It makes the room look and feel calm, alluring, and inviting. This gives a delicate touch to the room that has a masculine aura.


2.     Natural Colours

Mother Nature is the inspiration behind the colours that are chosen for French provincial furniture. From beiges and whites, most of the colours in this furniture is close to the earthy tones. Wooden pieces are generally whitewashed and the fabric used in the furniture has colours you will find in a field of wild flowers. The most popular colours include pinks, greens, yellows, lavenders, and hues of different blues.


3.     Rustic Charm

French provincial furniture has a rustic charm and feel to it. They are made using rustic materials and gives your living space an old-world charm and feel. It takes you back to the previous eras where fine detailing and attention to every aspect of the furniture was the prime goal. A room of French provincial furniture makes you fall in love with the old-world style.


If you are planning to buy French provincial furniture, it is important to make sure you buy from experts. You also need to be careful around the furniture because of its delicate and fragile nature and the light colours that get stained easily. Bring the ultimate French aura to your home through French provincial furniture.




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