What To Look Out For When You Have An Underbite

If you are unfamiliar about what an overbite is, then it is when the lower jaw and teeth extend further than the teeth that are in your upper jaw. In many of the severe cases, this can have a transformational effect on the overall shape of your face. It will cause your chin to stick out and it will create further problems when you attempt to chew, speak or swallow.

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There are different levels of severity involved in it. Before you start blaming yourself thinking that it’s because you didn’t brush your teeth properly or that you didn’t listen to your parents when they told you to eat your vegetables, this is primarily caused by genetics which you have gotten from one of your grandparents or parents.

There are a number of long-term side-effects when it comes to underbites. You should go to a reliable dental practice such as the Sailors Bay Dentistry, the best dentist in North Shore. If you don’t get the issue addressed, then you’re going to feel social anxiety and stress. It is very likely that you’re going to end up with low self-confidence due to the misalignment of your teeth. It may give the impression that you are an overly emotional person when it’s just the position of your jaw that is dictating how people see you. This is something that you need to get addressed as soon as possible because if you don’t, you’re going to suffer the following physical and mental impacts.

Difficulty chewing and swallowing

We all need food to survive, and we try to follow all of the essential tips with regard to health teeth and gums. Eating out is something that many of us enjoy. However, if you have an underbite, you won’t get to enjoy all of your favourite foods. When you chew, it will cause great discomfort and, in some cases, it can stop you eating altogether. This might lead to weight loss and you might not be getting the necessary nutrients and vitamins that every healthy body needs. This will cause additional physical problems as well as mental ones.

Extreme headaches

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Many people with underbites report quite severe headaches because having an underbite will cause you to grind your teeth and that can create wear and tear in the joints and muscles of your face. You will experience pain all over your face, head and you may experience earaches. This can have a really personal and social impact on your life. You may even be confronted with many health challenges every single day. Your uneven jaw means that it can’t function as it normally would and this is why you are suffering from these headaches.

These are only two of the many issues that people with underbites report and if you haven’t been currently experiencing any of these, then they will happen eventually. This is why it is essential to go see your local dentist to get the issues addressed before it gets out of hand.


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