When the Night is Still Young: 5 Places Where You’ll Find Vibrant Nightlife in Istanbul

Some destinations simply seem to be positively charged with an electric atmosphere and Istanbul is one of those places that seems to be doing its best to compete for the title of the party capital of the world.

When you book Inspire4Travel you will be heading to a place that takes its nightlife seriously and met with a dazzling array of entertainment options when you head into town.

Head to Taksim Square

If you want to know where a lot of the nightlife action is happening it is likely to be in or around Taksim Square.

Vibrant and lively bars and hip clubs are not in short supply here and one bar that should be on your radar is Babylon, where you can enjoy some live music as you soak up the party atmosphere.

Amazing views and spectacular views

Litera is a place that deserves a mention as it is a versatile venue that transforms from a restaurant during the day to a club in the evening.

A feature of the place is the huge glass walls that offer you a stunning view of Bosphorous and when the evening arrives the club will be bouncing to the music chosen by resident and guest DJ’s.

If you love electronic music

You are in for a real treat if you are a big fan of electronic music as MiniMuzikhol will deliver an amazing night of entertainment put together by international and local DJ’s.

The party really gets going after midnight and this venue in Betoglu is well worth a visit.

Take your pick

Istanbul is a place that offers many contrasts and the bar scene typifies this outlook.

If you are spending the night in one of the bars that are dotted along the European shore of the Bosphorus you will no doubt enjoy revelling in the atmosphere that runs through the entire area, however, you might also like to venture into the Asian side of Istanbul.

Some argue that the Asian part of Istanbul is the hippest and that view is upheld when you visit a bar such as Arkaoda.

Others to try in this part of town include Karga, which has a definite vintage vibe, and plenty more besides.

A nightclub that is big on luxury

Renowned for its very striking design as well being popular with serious partygoers for the great music it plays there every night, Jungle 8 needs to be on your agenda if you are serious about partying.

As the name implies, there is a distinctive jungle theme and even the cocktails enjoy a great reputation.

These are just a few of the bars and clubs that compete for your attention as you look for a great venue where you can enjoy a memorable night out that probably won’t end until the early hours of the next day.

Istanbul is certainly a vibrant place that gives you the perfect platform to spend an incredible night of cocktails and party music.



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