Where do you shop for children’s toys at Christmas?

I remember the thrill of being given the Argos catalogue at Christmas every year by my parents. I think they took the approach that Argos was a great one-stop shop that would sort my Christmas pile out nicely. As the youngest child and the only girl, the mountain of gifts was always impressive.

Funnily enough, my most memorable toy was the doll’s house my Dad’s best friend Colin made for me. He was a joiner so it was well done and then his sisters had fun decorating it. Ah Christmas memories

These days I am more likely to shop at Argos by using their website which is easy to search.

My children have been trying out some toys from Argos recently.

My son chose a Hot Wheels set. He was into wheels from a very early age and I imagine him learning to drive as soon as possible.


My daughter added to her Design-a-Friend collection. It was wonderful because it was waiting for her as a treat when she returned from her school trip.

My older son has always loved Lego.


Lego is available at Argos online here.

Argos provided us with three toys to enable this post.

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