Why I For #ONEMum think Volunteering With School Is Cool

Yesterday, I went on a school trip as a parent helper for the very first time. My youngest son and his class were visiting a Co-operative Farm.

I turned up at the appointed time and watched whilst the teacher got the children registered and so on. The children played apart from my son who was sitting in the middle of the classroom reading a book on the space shuttle. He did not see me at first and then went mad, jigging around in excitement.

Another mum suddenly said to me “You’re leaking”. Fear not dear readers, twas only juice coming out of my rucksack. There was no way of telling which of the cardboard cartons was leaking so most of them got dumped.

I was allocated four children to look after along with the class teacher. There were two boys and two girls so off we went to the bus. The lovely thing with children is that if you talk to them, they usually will chat with you. It never seems quite so easy with adults.

We arrived at the farm and were given an introductory talk about the various Coop farms in the UK, their products and the endangered species they protect. All news to me so very interesting indeed.

After health and safety guidance, we split into two groups. Our group went out on the farm looking at crops and planting seeds and garlic bulbs. The weather was fine and the tutor was very good with the children and answered our questions well.

It was lovely to be out in the fresh air doing something different with my son and other children.

The weather was good enough to spend lunchtime outside with our packed lunches followed by play. Many games of tig ensued but I took this opportunity to get to knows some of the other mums a bit better. Guess what? They did not bite and they did not turn away.

In the afternoon, we made pizzas. It was great fun and wonderful how cookery linked in with what we had seen and heard about crops earlier. I enjoyed making a stripey pizza and encouraging the girls around me to be creative so that we had pizzas with faces, loveheart pizzas and other ideas.

There was a quick game of fruit and vegetable bingo again getting over really good messages in a fun and educational way.

We had a final quick talk to see how much we had learned. It was not just the children who got to know new things. I learned a lot too particularly about what various crops look like and what we make from them.

All the children got a lovely free hardback book with recipes and more “From Farm To Fork” details.

As I left the bus, the other mums who help a lot asked me to come next time.

A great day out altogether. Highly recommended and nope, nobody has sponsered me to write this post.

I am, however, going to say that things are not so easy in terms of ensuring children have access to healthy food in Africa. That is why I am asking you to get behind ONE and their “Let’s Thrive” campaign. Add you voice (they don’t ask for your money) to ensuring adequate aid goes to the world’s poorest. Click the link and find out more here http://www.one.org/blog/2012/04/10/lets-thrive/

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  1. Volunteering itself is already cool! It is my greatest desire to build a strong volunteering career. I also believe that after education of the underprivileged, their financial source, and health comes the importance of literacy in environmental conservation – it’s my advocacy and would love to engage the marginalized comm communities. I’m so glad you enjoyed your experience I would love to read more of these! Thanks for sharing!

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