How I will put my best boot forward in 2018

With the beginning of 2018 and all that it is a good time to set some goals for the coming year. Here are mine and I look forward to looking back at the end of the year and seeing how I got on. Something tells me I will do well with the  peer support gained via Best Boot Forward which is new and super-exciting!


Physical and mental wellbeing in 2018

I lost weight a couple of years ago and although I have put some back on, most stayed off. I would like to eat more healthily and am going to cut out red meat and booze for January as a starting point. I am looking forward to experimenting with vegetarian cookery so if you have any tips on that, please do share.

After too many years lost to social anxiety and depression, I look after my mental wellbeing as a priority. Only if I am well can my children be so it is vital.  I am thinking of taking up yoga and mindfulness to help on this front although I also celebrate feeling well these days.

Time out/Respite in 2018

I juggle a lot various work projects and home educating my younger two children. Then there is the bulk of housework and planning generally which so often falls on me despite there being five people in the home.

I want to delegate some tasks on the home front this year and to not be so easy to give in when my husband or children complain when I ask them to do things.

I also want to take regular walks on my own with the dogs to just be in the moment and to enjoy nature. It is easy to feel crowded in my current situation and to forget who I am outside of the labels of worker, mum, wife and so on.

Work and money in 2018

I am happy with how work is progressing and can see me building on this proactively in 2018. Changing my mindset and valuing myself more worked wonders in the latter half of 2017 so I believe the future is bright.

How Will I Put My Best Boot Forward In 2018?

I need to regain control of my own money so that I feel like an independent woman again. I earn money and should be able to enjoy some of it rather than it all getting sucked up in luxury items for other people. Again, I am too soft in this area and need to be more assertive in my relationships.

Image and style in 2018

I am happy with who I am as a person. I have a good heart and a fine mind. However, I got lost style wise when I became a parent and have never really recovered. I would like to experiment more with fashion and the like this year as a form of personal expression. I neglect myself too easily and that needs to change.

Relationships in 2018

This is also an area where I need to put in some work. I don’t enjoy my marriage particularly much of the time. It is stale and I have no idea how other couples manage to keep things upbeat and interesting. It is by no means all bad and we do have fun and have some shared values. Perhaps having started to like myself more, I enjoy my own company more than my husband’s sometimes. Is that OK or not OK?  Is it time to give up on fine romance and get real? Anyway, suffice to say I want to put some real effort and thought into relationships this year.

I have recently made new acquaintances/friends and that pleases me. I have had a habit probably due to depression of being overly dependent on my husband.  I need more than that moving forwards and am proud of myself for reaching out and expanding my social life in recent months.


So that’s me! Like every other woman I know by no means perfect but good enough and willing to put the work in where it matters to put my best boot forward.

As ever your comments, tips and support are very welcome!




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28 thoughts on “How I will put my best boot forward in 2018”

  1. I’m doing a yoga challenge this month! I’ll add you to the group on Facebook. Don’t forget I do a mindfulness fb live every Monday 🙂

    The bulk of the housework and planning falls on me too usually. The boys are too young to help, the 11yo just doesn’t and the 45yo puts the vacuum cleaner round once in a while and considers himself a hero! (I exaggerate, but you get the jist)

    I look forward to this year, I think we’re both going to be amazing!

  2. Me & my husband work together, which we love but we still need time apart, I’m somebody who’s naturally happier with their own company so need that space, good luck with the keeping well both mentally and physically x

  3. Excellent choice of goals and not dissimilar to mine. There is a lot coming our way this year, I can feel it. I think basing goals on changes that have all ready started taking place and building change upon positive foundations is a super way to start. You’ve all ready come so far in many ways. I can’t wait to see where the #BestBootForward journey takes us all.

  4. I admire the dry January thing, to me a little glass at the end of the day is a reward at the end of a drab January day. I hope you find the time out you need in 2018 and put your relationship back in the limelight – I can suggest a great holiday in Cornwall to do both of these and help educate the kids too 🙂 #FabFridayPost

  5. I like what you have said on the respite front, I agree we need to take time for us. It is great that you are making friends and extending your friendship group, I know it can be hard with depression to sometimes put ourselves out there, but i found when I really pushed myself to do this it helped so much. I am sorry your marriage is feeling a bit stale, I think the happier we are in ourselves the happier we can be with our partners. To keep our marriage happy I find laughter helps, we always do things together that make us laugh, also affection and love life are important, little compliments that build each others self esteem help. I usually send him some random texts during the week when he’s at work, or he will do that to me. Hope these tips help xx Also thank you so much for linking up with #ablogginggoodtime

  6. It sounds like you have a great foundation with which to achieve your goals for 2018. My goals this year centre around my relationship too – we had a tough year last year and this year we’ve both agreed that we need to make more time for each other. On your point about preferring your own company though, I completely relate to that! Not necessarily that I prefer it, but I definitely need that time to myself now and again, to recharge. I’m definitely an introvert, and I find being in company all the time very mentally draining, an it’s so important to carve out time on my own. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  7. I think you are heading to the right direction. Positive is always good. I took up Yoga last year and it felt great! Do it as soon as you can. I’m loving my “me” with yoga at the moment. Here’s to a happier and healthier 2018! 🙂 xx

    Thank you very much for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost

  8. My mummy enjoys her own company at the moment and my folks need to do more fun stuff together and less parenting, adulting and chores. It takes work to keep a marriage fresh and exciting especially one as long as my parents! Good luck with 2018 and we wish you all the best x #FamilyFunLinky

  9. Oh I feel the same with the fashion! My goodness, my wardrobe has been neglected massively since the children came along and every time I think I’ll buy myself something I always end up buying them new things! #ThatFridayLinky

  10. Thanks for sharing this very honest post. Your goals seem very good. I would encourage you to definitely get more help in the home from the rest of your family. I have two young children and I’m trying to get them to help cook in the evenings, I am thinking that in a few years I may do myself out of a job! I can hope right? Thanks for sharing and linking up with us #FabFridayPost

  11. Happy new year. Wish you all the best for 2018.
    Really excellent goals. Good luck for dry January, Thanks a lot for 2017. your blogs inspired me and helped me in really good ways many times, Waiting for new updates, keep updating us in 2018.

  12. sorry to hear you’re not feeling happy about your relationship with your husband, only you can answer your questions and know how to keep things upbeat and interesting, i hope you find a solution you’re both happy with #bestbootforward

  13. I love how you have organised your goals into the different areas of your life. I hope you find a way to make your marriage less stale but I’m totally with you on preferring you own company. I would t say I necessarily prefer being by myself but I do need quiet time to myself otherwise I can feel pretty stressed out. Good luck with your goals xx #blogcrush

  14. We share quite a few similar aspirations, I think! Especially taking better care of ourselves and putting ourselves a bit further up the pecking order! Thanks for linking up with #TheMMLinky x

  15. This is a really honest post , I have such admiration for it. I think writing these things down can sometimes make it more real and a point of reference when we’re struggling. Good luck with all of these lovey and thank you for joining us at #familyfun

  16. You’ve set some really goals for yourself this year and I’m sure you’ll smash them! I completely get what you mean about depression meaning you rely on Hubby too much as a crutch!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week!

  17. I love how thoughtful your goals are and I admire your honesty. I’ll look forward to reading how you got on at the end of the year!
    Thank you for linking this up to #DreamTeam!

  18. These are great Goals for the year and I can identify with a lot of them.
    You have overcome a lot of challenges in the last couple of years and you’ll get there with those goals too. Self care is so important. #TheMMLinky

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