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Aldi have some great news for mums and mum-to-be. From 18th September they will have a range of lovely goods in store while stocks last as part of their Special Buys range.

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When you are expecting, you want to look great but don’t want to invest huge amounts in clothing that by its very nature is short-term. The ultimate capsule wardrobe for the mum-to-be includes leggings, fashion tops and dresses all at amazingly affordable prices. What’s not to love about a Maternity dress for just £11.99?

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Aldi will be every mum’s beat friend with padded Nursing Bras for £6.99, non-wired for comfort and not missing out on style with pretty lace detailing.

Out and about

Check out Aldi’s stylish waterproof Baby Changing Bag for £14.99 complete with lots of pockets for the multitude of things you need with you when you leave the house with baby.

Baby and Toddler

Welcome a new baby with Bramble Bear, Bonnie Bunny and Country Creatures gift sets at just £9.99. The presents include a photo album, frame and brilliant bunting.

Make sure your baby is comfy and cosy thanks to Aldi’s great-value range of cotton-rich clothing. Including Baby Socks 5 Pack (£2.49), Baby Bodies 3 Pack (£2.79), Baby Sleepsuits 3 Pack (£3.99) and Baby 3-Piece Set (£6.99)

For toddlers there are Infants’ Jeans (£3.99), Infants’ Tights (£1.99) and Toddlers’ Canvas Boots and Shoes (£4.49)

Aldi are not forgetting the important of learning through play with brightly coloured Build ‘n’ Learn (£6.99) and Puzzle Car (£3.99), or the Colour Me Playhouse (£7.99).

Aldi’s Specialbuys go in-store every Thursday and Sunday and are only available while stocks last.


One lucky reader has the chance to win an Aldi Specialbuys Baby Changing Bag from the new range by leaving a comment telling me their top tips on preparing to have a baby for parents to-be.

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T’s & C’s

The winner will be picked at random on 14th September 2014 and notified by 15th September 2014. . Delivery of the prize will be by 30th September.

The competition is open to UK residents aged 18 years and over only.

Prize will be as listed while stocks last. In event that stock is unavailable; the same value will be given in Aldi vouchers.

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101 thoughts on “Win a baby changing bag”

  1. Make sure the house is all hoovered and cleaned, then when the good day happens, you dont have any worries when you get home – also make loads of easy food like mince dishes and freeze them in those plastic tubs u get from takeaways – Believe me, both of those things go a long way when you get home – hardly any housework or cooking to do

  2. Make sure you start getting supplies in very early in the pregnancy. Stock up on nappies, get all the stuff in the nursery set up and make sure you have more than one of you to work the nightshift.

  3. Make sure everything is organised well in advance in case baby makes an early arrival and to help you relax in the last couple of weeks 🙂

  4. Ive had 4 children and i dont think you can ever be fully prepared but as long as you have everything you need for the baby you will be ok.

  5. Batch cook loads of meals, divide them into portions and pop in tupperware tubs and pop in the freezer.
    Once baby arrives there will be no time (or energy) to cook from scratch and if you are breastfeeding then you need to eat well to produce good quality milk – these nutritious meals will help – simply remove from freezer that day! 🙂

  6. Take care of yourself, each other (partner, family, friends). A first baby can be so exciting, remember to get sufficient rest, sleep, nutrition and hydration (fluids). Be practical, as you can quickly run out of space. Storage can be a bonus. Try to get organised prior to the little ones arrival. So that you can settle into family life with joy in your heart.

  7. make sure you have your hospital bag packed very early about 2 months before your due date, just in case. And don’t forget to pack snacks for by you and your partner and a spare t-shirt for him

  8. Borrow as much as you can because they grow out if everything so quickly! Also – rest as much as possible to make the early days easier x

  9. Spend time together as a couple and enjoy time on your own before baby comes – it’s hard to grab those special moments afterwards x

  10. ask for help when needed and make sure you plan a little something now and then for yourself (go get nails done, meet up with friend for hour or so for a coffee) remember your not just a mum!

  11. Get as much sleep and rest as you can, make the most of it and accept any offer of help from friends and family, cooking, shopping, housework x

  12. you’ll never be a “perfect” mum, you’ll never be 100% prepared, your house will never look the same again. Just enjoy your last moments of pregnancy and your baby and try not to stress x

  13. Be well rested and do listen to other peoples advice but understand that what works for one baby might not work for yours so it is about finding your own way of doing things that work best for you and your baby.

  14. I don’t think theres a way to truely prepare for a baby. No matter what it’s like a tiny bomb going off in your world Lol It’s handy to have some meals in your freezer though so you don’t have to resort to expensive takeaways in your fog of exhaustion

  15. prepare and organise but be prepared for your outlook and priorities to change after youve had your baby.that perfectly organised baby wardrobe might seem vital now but when youve had your littkle one you’ll be eternally grateful to have any clean clothes at all!xx

  16. I don’t anything really prepares you, but try and get plenty of easy to cook food in. Be prepared for some mess and don’t try to plan how your baby is going to be they will have their own timetable and agenda!

  17. Prepare as much as you can as you won’t be able to do much when the baby arrives. Rest too! Listen to advice from others but use your own instincts – its your baby after all.

  18. be prepared, as you cant trust your hubby to remember anything lol … make sure house is clean and washings done before baby arrives as you wont feel like doing it for a while after

  19. Don’t worry about what you think you should be doing, do what suits you and baby!
    Sleep when they sleep and let your cleaning standards slip a little

  20. Baby will consume your lives 24 x 7 for the first few weeks, while you can do practical things like freeze dinners ready its important that you need to prepare yourselves for this huge change. Consider, if you can arrange to have a coffee date with your partner when a doting grandparent minds the new arrival for an hour and you and your partner just take those minutes to support each other through what is a physically & emotionally exhausting time. You will be surprised at the difference it makes just takeing an hour a week for the first few months to spend together without baby.

  21. do all the jobs you need to do around the house before you have your baby. Even though you are off on maternity leave, you’ll find there’s little time for jobs around the house !

  22. Don’t listen to other peoples birth stories unless you want to hear them,they can often be exaggerated.Every birth is unique.I’ve had 4 children and they were all different experiences.

  23. Try to be organised .Stock up the freezer with easy to cook meals . Remember to enjoy the moment because it goes by far too quickly

  24. being organised for that first night home is key … have everything ready so its stress free , if u have other kids that are being looked after by someone else while baby arives then that person is responsible for making sure that they have daily household buys like milk n bread waiting with the kidds for you so no other detours are needed that night .

  25. I am a Mum-to-be and am preparing by making lists of things to have and to have ready. I’m planning to have everything washed and ready to go in the last few weeks and have my hospital bag packed well in advance!

  26. Don’t go spending mad – they won’t wear half the clothes you buy and supermarket brand nappies and wipes are just as good.

  27. buy baby toiletries when on offer in with your weekly shop amazing how much you can collect before baby is born, also have some frozen prepared meals you might not want to stand to long cooking after the birth

  28. My Top Tip is Buy lots of Nappies,baby wipes and sudocrem,as You will be surprised at the cost of all these items!!When Baby arrives always sleep when Baby sleeps and Don’t worry especially for the first 6 months about having an Immaculate Home or Looking Immaculate!!YOU need to Recuperate after what you have been through!!Look after yourself Too!!And husband feed baby in the night,and change the Nappy!!Above all else Stay calm and feel the LOVE!x

  29. Don’t stress, the worst thing is to read every baby book and be obsessed with timelines for progress, they develop at their own rate so just enjoy it (and grab a nap whenever you can) xxx

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