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Win cleaning products with Vileda

You can win cleaning products with Vileda and with the right cleaning equipment, housework becomes a breeze.

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With the children going back to school, now is the perfect time to do a big push on the housework front. That can only be easier if you win cleaning products.

I have tried to keep up with the housework over the school holidays. I have even tried to get the children involved but they prove very reluctant. It can be difficult to juggle everything that needs to be done over the school holidays. As soon as the new term starts, I am going to do a major cleaning and tidying blitz.

To celebrate the launch of their campaign, ‘Floor Miles’, I’ve teamed up with Vileda, the UK’s leading household cleaning brand. Vileda is offering one lucky reader the chance to win £25 worth of cleaning goodies to get their homes ship shape this summer. Perfect for busy homes, Vileda products are designed to last miles longer and make your cleaning miles easier! You can enter via to win cleaning products pictured via the Rafflecopter below.

For more competitions and to find out how to collect Vileda ‘Floor Miles’ and be in with a chance of winning a family eco-holiday, head to the Vileda UK Facebook page.


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393 thoughts on “Win cleaning products with Vileda”

  1. i dont mind cleaning, and my 1&2 year olds love following me around with a cloth or towel helping, they also love the dust pan and brush and other simple cleaning tasks!

  2. I don’t mind it….it’s nice to see clean house. The only problem is it’s destroyed by kids five minutes later!

  3. I love polishing and cleaning the floors. It gives me great satisfaction when everything sparkles. The rest of the chores I loathe.

  4. I love doing housework when the house is clean and shiny not that it lasts long with a active 2 year old luckily my son loves cleaning too so the biggest arguments in our house is who is going to dust and vacuum.

  5. It does depend on how many other things you have to do, but a good session of ironing whilst watching Xena (Warrior Princess) is good for the soul. (and the ironing pile)

  6. Hate it – but as others have said, love sitting down when it’s all done. That’s my weekend treat when my son goes to his dad’s – that way it stays nice for a couple of days until chaos descends again.

  7. Housework is a necessary evil, I hate doing it most of the time but it has to be done. I do it to 60`s music and sing along to take my mind off it.

  8. After fifty years of marriage and housework I can’t say that I enjoy it anymore but neither do I hate it. It is just a necessity these days.

  9. Not really a big fan of house cleaning – do best to keep things picked up, but with more than one person plus pets in the household – doesn’t always work.

  10. Depends on which housework it is. I love anything ‘standing still’ as I find it theraputic i.e. washing up, ironing, haging washing, washing windows but loate anything that involved ‘bending’ as it hurts my back i.e. changing bedsheets, washing the laminates, picking up kids toys.

  11. I like the finished result- house sparkling clean and tidy. It’s good exercise which is what I tell myself when I feel like the chores will never end!

  12. I don’t enjoy doing the actual housework but I do love the feeling of sitting down afterwards in a lovely clean, shiny and gleaming home with a gorgeous cup of tea 🙂

  13. Loathe it – but I need to do it to make sure it’s done right – and then I criticise myself on it not done right

  14. I love it! Nothing better than a nice clean tidy house.. Until my five year old gets in from school. #minimesstornado

  15. Wouldn’t actually say “Love” it but certainly like the feeling you get when the house it all lovely and clean <3 x

  16. I don’t love it but I love the satisfaction afterwards that for at least a few hours everything is perfect! … doesn’t last long though!

  17. Well don’t loathe or like it. One day I can be in the mood and other days think “it’ll wait until tomorrow”. Only thing I really hate is hanging out sheets to dry. I would happily pay someone to come and do that, if I could afford to. 🙂

  18. I actually like it but get really quite frustrated when it seems no one but me can see what’s dirty or needs put away!

  19. If I’ve got time to do it without interruptions I quite like housework, especially seeing it all done, but hate the idea of it.

  20. Im okay if im getting the house ready for a party or something as it gives me a bit of inspiration but normal housework I find quite upsetting 🙂

  21. I like some housework and it gives me a great sense of satisfaction. It’s really annoying when it gets messed up straight away though x

  22. I loathe housework and love the Quentin Crisp comment that the dust doesn’t get any deeper after four years!

  23. I guess I’m somewhere in between…. I’m a bit obsessed by housework and I’m constantly cleaning but I wish I could spend my time doing other stuff

  24. Bit of both, hate when I am doing it but feel good afterwards. Hate tidying a lot more than cleaning though so the fella does that.

  25. I loathe it but I can’t stand sitting in mess. I love seeing my house clean. I think I need to hire a cleaner lol.

  26. I love but loathe cleaning! Love it when the house is clean and smelling fresh, just hate the fact there’s always so much to do and only me that does it!

  27. love housework good really considering I have loads animals children disabled huspband childrens friends etc I roll up my sleeves and get started

  28. Loathe it but seem to be constantly doing it, with 2 children one of which only 9 weeks old but creates more washing than anyone else!

  29. It can be quite tiresome and never ending but saying that I do love when its all done and nice and clean. I loathe tidying out drawers and cupboards though

  30. I normally loathe housework but have recently had a new kitchen and now spend more time cleaning it than ever before – it looks so good when it sparkles

  31. I love housework when I have the time to do it, love my house smelling clean and fresh and everything tidied away.

  32. I have a love hate relationship with Housework. Sometimes it can take me a while to get into it. But i do love the end results and the feeling of accomplishment 🙂

  33. Loathe is because my kids never let me get on and do anything and when I do finally get things tidy its a mess again within 5 minutes.

  34. I absolutely love it, it feels my life with compete joy and tranquility. (Ps, shame you can’t note the sarcasm in my written words)

  35. Love it in small bursts – I try and do a little bit every 15 minutes so I don’t sit down at the computer for too long!

  36. loathe it…. however i hate the house being a mess, and love it when it is tidy, just loathe the process needed to get it done!

  37. I love when the house is nice and clean but hate doing the work. The Supermacio is great for getting the kitchen floor sorted out in super quick time

  38. It’s a love/hate relationship with me – hate spending so much time doing it but can’t relax until I have done it.

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