Win Doll's House Accessories

Win doll’s house accessories to improve play

Are you good at taking time to indulge in imaginative play with your children? Would you like to win doll’s house accessories?

I think it is important to do so as those sessions make for happy memories that last for years. I still remember playing shops with my mum back in the Seventies. I had a little cash register and we would take it in turns to be the customer or shopkeeper. I seem to remember her using egg boxes as some of the items you could buy. That shows that inventive parents don’t need to spend a whole lot of money to inject fun into their children’s lives. Of course, I learned a lot about adding things up when playing shop. I also remember us making a little house out a clothes horse. My Dad built me my own “kitchen” in the garden made out of paving slabs. It was my own little area and meant the world to me.

“Let’s pretend” opens up a world of possibilities and stimulates creativity. As parents, we can get in touch with our inner child and see stresses disappear as we give ourselves over to imaginative play. Vitally, it ensures we are spending quality time with our children.

My very favourite toy as a child was the doll’s house made by my Dad’s best friend. It had sliding doors and I imagined scenes similar to Downton Abbey taking place in it. I always did have delusions of grandeur!

The lovely people at Big Game Hunters recently sent my daughter a doll’s house family and furniture set. She loves them and has a whole scenario about an opera singing mother going on. Who am I to say the mother looks nothing like an opera singer to me? It makes absolute sense to her.

She commented:

“I like this set because it is so colourful. I like the way that there are moving parts. For example the skating board has real wheels, the drawers and oven open so you can put things in them.”


The furniture set also includes beds, sofa, table and crockery.

I have a Doll’s house family set and a furniture set to giveaway. Would you like to win doll’s house accessories for someone special?

Enter via the Rafflecopter below. Please note this competition is open to UK residents only aged 18 years and over.

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111 thoughts on “Win doll’s house accessories to improve play”

  1. I have 4 daughters and I KNOW my 4yr old would love this, she’s always creating imaginary families with her toys! I loved my doll house when I was growing up and would always be playing with it

  2. I was a weird kid, lol. My mum would give me a pile of change from her purse and I would imagine they were a king and queen and their entourage. I would polish all the coins with a cloth so they were shiny and they line them up in a parade.

  3. I have always loved dolls houses! I had a ‘Carolyn’s House’ when I was little and loved it! My two little girls received a dolls house for Christmas and love it too! This prize would be perfect for them thank you x

  4. My favourite memory was when I was around 7 yrs old and my friends slept over where we all pretended we were princess’s we dressed up in costumes my mother had made it was lovely

  5. I adored my own dolls house when I was young. I was an only child and spent hours talking away to the dolls inside.

  6. Playing in our little den with a couple of rag dollies named Beet and Eid, my sister’s and I played for hours on end. In the winter we used to go up and play in the attic, carrying on where we left off – my dad still has one of the rag dolls to this day – only he calls he one eye Rosie.

  7. My sisters and I along with the girls next door used to play in a big field (now a bypass) and we called it bunny land – we used to spend all day playing out in the summer holidays, Good Times!!!

  8. I use to love and still love playing with my girls Barbie dolls weather they are full size or children, I use to Have a Dolls house when I was younger and I played with it every minute every day,
    Great prize finger crossed I can win this for my 2 girls, they would have as much fun as I did as a child, I would even play with them now with it lol
    im a big kid at heart

  9. Building a tent with a sheet and my mums clothes horse. Then sitting in the plastic wash basket imagining it was a boat xx

  10. Using a skipping rope around the waist, either my sister or myself used to be the horse and the other would follow behind saying ” giddyup!”…

  11. I love imaginary play with my 2 granddaughters, we pull two chairs together and my granddaughters pretend they are in a bus and they can travel to the seaside, they pull out a blanket and have a picnic (they have arrived at their destination – the seaside) biscuits, crisps and lemonade go down a treat. They can move the chairs back to back – a small distance between them and throw the blanket over the chairs, now they have a tent. Back on the bus and its time to go home. It can be poring down outside but in their imagination they are having a wonderful day at the seaside.

  12. I loved playing horses with my best friend. All we needed was a skipping rope and a bike helmet. Rope around the waist and skipping along…no PS4’s around then!

  13. We would put plastic sheeting over our huge table and arrange paints on top of a large sheet of paper with potato cutouts next to each one. My brothers and I would love it! sadly, I don’t have a big table to do this with my son, but we compromise and use the floor instead. It’s great for bonding

  14. The dining room chairs and the big blankets and sheets to make a den in the front room when I was 6 or so years old, having my dolls all set up for a tea party, spent hours playing with my ‘friends’

  15. We used to tie a pillow to a piece of string and dangle it over the stirway banister and pretend we were playing Moonface and Silky from the Magic Faraway Tree. God knows how we didn’t end up injured dragging ourselves up and down on the rope.

  16. All my Teddy’s would come to life and we would have picnics in the garden, they were also great for playing doctors with

  17. I recall sitting all my teddies in a circle and teaching them their five times tables – I was such a bossy little thing.

  18. Me and my sister used to take all the tins out of the cupboard and play shops, (laughing now just thinking about it ) fab giveaway thanks for the chance xx

  19. I remember having an obsession with Scooby Doo, I’d used to get my mum to be Scooby, whilst I was Daphne and we’d run around the house pretending my grandparents were all the evil criminals, (:

  20. Me and my daughter both love pretending to throw snowballs at each other and chase each other screaming “can’t catch me!” πŸ™‚

  21. My brother and I were promised a trip to the zoo which was then rescinded because of bad behaviour. I was pretty devastated because I was/am animal-mad, but because of that interest I had loads of soft toys so decided that my bedroom was a zoo and Sindy (who clearly had far better parents, in fact her parents might actually be mine because I was clearly adopted) would be given an exclusive visit.
    A few years ago there was an item on the news about ‘virtual’ holidays. A lady with ME was bed-bound but she and her mother ‘visited’ countries by sightseeing online, learning the language and cooking meals from the area etc (didn’t involve imagining being stuck in queues for hours at the airport!). So the value of imaginative play might last longer than childhood.

  22. I loved playing with my Sindy dolls in a dolls house that my dad built out of a bookcase! I could play for hours making up stories with the dolls & my 3 youngest daughters are just the same! My eldest daughter (now nearly 11 never even looked at her dolls LOL!)

  23. I used to have a dolls house when I was a little girl and I would spend absolute hours playing with it and the family x

  24. when I was little i had a barbie and michael jackson doll that I used as Ken. and a big dolls house and no furniture so my dad showed me how to make them out of matchstick boxes. it was good fun and my old socks I made clothes. x

  25. I used to love playing houses and using my imagination. I had a little ride on tractor i used to pretend that was my car and i would drive my imaginary kids to school.
    I used to love making mud mince too

  26. my favorite imaginative play as a child would be playing schools with my big brothers when they got home from school

  27. My mum had a Christmas hamper one year when me and my brother were kids and we turned the giant box it came in, into no end of things….we made a puppet show, a dog kennel, a car and a Ninja Turtles den.

  28. I remember getting a Barbie/Sindy house for Christmas one year, it was huge and my dad cut out pieces of carpet and carpeted the whole house. I got furniture for it for my birthdays and loved playing with it for years.

  29. Mine is of playing Sylvanian families with mys sister. We would spend hours feeding the babies with the tiny bottles and thought the flushing toilet was brilliant

  30. i lived on a street in quite a small village and we all went to the same school, so often all played together. we used to love making dens with the clothes maiden and having clubs ‘no boys allowed etc’ not a play park insight but lots of fields and trees to climb we used to beleive we were monkeys…

  31. My daughter went from an imaginary family of Julies to a whole imaginary class when she started school and re-enacted the school day when she got home, with her as the teacher

  32. i lived on a quiet street and we used to pretend the road was a sea and the pavements were island and would swim back and forth trying not to get eaten by a shark!

  33. I used to love playing with my dolls and teddies! I’d have to arrange them all amongst their friends as i’d feel guilty if one got left out so i always made sure they all had company! Haha πŸ™‚ <3

  34. I used to love playing fish and chip shops with my godmother, we would screw up newspaper around our imaginary chips, i must have been the richest fish and chip shop owner as she used to buy so many bags off me πŸ™‚

  35. My two children invented a complete imaginary village with people places and things which remained the same over several months. It was aThey used to bring me up to date every day on what the villagers had been doing.

  36. I got a dolls house for Christmas in the 1960’s . I remember it had a flat roof and the style was very 1960’s . It had white plastic furniture and brown and orange decor! I use to play with it for hours and loved it !

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