Wine giveaway – Organic Wine Club

Welcome to my wine giveaway courtesy of the folks at the Organic Wine Club.

Wine Giveaway

Organic Wine Club

Organic Wine Club is an independent organic wine retailer that cares deeply about organic produce, soulful and delicious natural wines. They believe in healthier lifestyles and provenance. They partner with passionate artisan winemakers and invite you on a journey to discover and enjoy fantastic wines made naturally, without additives, sulphites or preservatives.


Wine Giveaway

How nice would it be to enjoy a glass of wine that is full of life, vibrant and expressive, without headaches or allergies triggered by sulphites and additives? You can check out how to pair good wine with food to really impress your guests.

Would you like to win a bottle of wine? How about 3 bottles worth £40.55.

The wines are:

Redentore Pinot Grigio, Veneto, Italy (no added sulphites)

Bodegas Vinessens Tragolargo, Alicante, Spain (no added sulphites)

Aroa Garnacha Tinto, Navarra, Spain (no added sulphites)

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229 thoughts on “Wine giveaway – Organic Wine Club”

  1. Ooh nice I would love to win some of this wine, especially if it doesn’t give you the dreaded headache the next day. Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG.
    Claire x

  2. I love them all ! It depends on the time of day, where I am and what I’m eating and sometimes it’s just as the fancy takes me. These organic wines are fab though because they taste great and have none of the beasties that contribute to that horrible muzzy head feeling or headache you sometimes get with other wines. Organic is better for us and the planet, I always choose organic if I can.

  3. I like all three depending when and where and what I am doing at the time, but for a drink I would opt for a dry fruity white x

  4. I love red with meats and when it’s colder and I love whites with chicken and when it’s warmer especially sitting outside on a nice summers day

  5. I’m fond of all wine…im far from fussy ha ha . Fab giveaway. Perfect for the upcoming festivities. Fingers crossed

  6. Really like any but red is my favourite. My boss at work makes me laugh by calling “rose” confused wine. 🙂

  7. Can I just answer “Yes”? It all depends on the occasion, my mood, whether I am eating and if so what I am eating. I just love wine – ALL wine.

  8. I prefer fizz but out of those I think red is the most reliable! I love white but too many are not dry enough, too fruity and often (when out) not cold enough!

  9. I love Rose, I use to drink white but it makes my face flush after just 1 glass now and I’ve never been a fan of red.

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