Winter Bedroom Tips On A Budget
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Winter bedroom tips on a budget

Winter bedroom tips online all too often focus on expensive items. The reality is with three birthdays in one month and Christmas just around the corner, I am looking for more budget-friendly options. How can I make my bedroom a real sanctuary when on a budget? I am sharing my top winter bedroom tips on a budget.

Bedspreads – winter bedroom tips on a budget

I have always loved bedspreads. My mum always had so much bedding and we have bedspreads which changed over the years as she was always modern and updated on the latest trends from women’s magazines and television programmes. Bedspreads are great as they touch the floor. I think that really makes your bed look special and finished too after you have aired it when getting up in the morning. Mum loved floral numbers and I adore vibrant colours and before you decide check out the bedspread range on discount from Yorkshire Linen.


My older brothers tell me they can remember a time when they had blankets instead of duvets and my husband is the same. Thank goodness I came along when duvets were on our beds as that started a life long love affair. I think I might have invented the duvet day and the bigger the tog the better. When on a budget, I think you have to balance the cost against the likely length of time the duvet will last. Another trick is to buy one that can be both a Winter and Summer duvet so effectively you are getting two for the price of one.


There are all sorts of pillows on the market. I think my top tip is to try and keep them as long as is healthy so look after them with pillow protectors in the same way you look after your mattress with a cover between it and your sheets.

Winter Bedroom Tips On A Budget


Cushions are nice to have but I find they irritate my menfolk and apparently this is not uncommon. So I do without and let me daughter revel in her quirky cushion collection bought from things like craft fairs where you can often pick up a real bargain.


It is possible to have a snuggly Winter bedroom on a budget with a bit of savvy shopping and also an acceptance that you don’t need to give in to every short-term trend. Basics are better and stand the test of time if you go to quality brands with affordable prices.

Do  you have any winter bedroom tips on a budget to share with my readers?

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