Wobbles Wednesday

I have had a disappointing week on the healthy eating front.

Due to being busy and a lack of planning it has not really happened.

I know it is important to acknowledge this rather than hide from the fact. This allows a fresh start.

I must focus on getting the house full of healthy eating options to prevent temptation striking.

One healthy thin I am enjoying this week is porridge – you forget just how filling, warming and comforting it can be.
The boys are loving it too.

In other news I wore a dress yesterday and thought I looked quite good in it. It also suggests I have not put on as much weight as I might have thought before.

That said, the trousers I am wearing today are straining to say the least.

Onward and upwards – the future’s bright and all that.

How was your week on the healthy eating front?

5 thoughts on “Wobbles Wednesday”

  1. Planning is such a big part of it isn’t it!
    I’m trying to be more organised with my meals but it’s tough when I’m so busy.
    Porridge is great – so easy! I tend to have a bowl at my desk in the mornings when I get into work. Keeps me going until lunch.

  2. After suspension of my diet for radiotherapy treatment, Christmas & the flu, I resumed the 5:2 diet yesterday. I lost 1 and a half stone slowly from last week of Jan last year to October. You have 2 non consecutive days of restrictive calories (500) & other 5 days you eat normally. So yesterday I had a portion of Alpen porridge & for evening meal M&S chicken chow mein (285) & a cadbury choc mousse (90). Normally I’d have a yoghurt at 80 cals but I had the mousses in & I’m being easy on myself. The idea is to have as big a gap of not eating as possible which lowers your insulin sensitivity. If you constantly eat without a decent break you store fat. It works because you are only ‘dieting’ for one day at a time & then you eat normally again the next day & I enjoyed my breakfast this morning. It is sustainable, that it why it works. Once you’ve reached your target weight you maintain by only doing it one day a week. It is forever. It has health benefits too.

  3. You’re right, planning is key. If I don’t have healthy snacks in, that’s when I’m liable to stray. Well done on putting on a dress, I can’t remember the last time I did!

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