Wobbling my way back to health

I am joining in with Wobbles Wednesday the brilliant linky run on a weekly basis by @AutismMumma, a very lovely lady who helps mums support each other as they try to shed the pounds and stones.

I lost lots of weight last year. Then my husband’s redundancy hit and I started to comfort eat and undid so much of my good work.

It is a New Year so I am making a fresh start.

I have already given up alcohol as part of my attempt to raise money in Cancer Research UK’s Dryathalon.

I am trying to remember all the tricks that helped me stick to healthy eating before. I may well revisit some of my old posts about Wobbles.

Today, I will measure myself as I can’t quite face the scales just yet. It is the thought of seeing those numbers telling me how I failed by giving in to my emotions when challenging times hit. I think I might look for the new Paul McKenna book on emotional eating.

Yesterday, I did a really good day of health eating – cereal, ham sandwich with Weightwatchers bread and a mackerel salad for tea. It reminded me of how much I enjoy healthier options.

I have put things in the house like bananas and Weightwatchers yoghurts for when the munchies strike.

Right now I feel better already.

3 thoughts on “Wobbling my way back to health”

  1. I’ve never really got on with weight watchers. Going back on slimming world but don’t think I can justify the weekly cost of going to a meeting so certainly going to need help online.

    Wishing you all the best, giving up alcohol should help wonders

  2. Honey what a really positive start and i have no doubt you will succeed in getting those pesky pounds off. Dont beat yourself up life is hard and you do what you need to to get to the other side with your sanity in tact!

  3. Great positive post and nice to see you back. I’m avoiding my (really rubbish) scales and just relying on how I feel for the moment, until I decide whether my way forward is with Curves or a group. Either way it’s getting that mindset isn’t it 🙂

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