How to empower yourself towards working in tech

Tech follows such a broad spectrum of career opportunities for women that it’s critical to know that tech might not be for everyone. That’s why the umbrella term STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) opens up a world of possibility to young women to advance in careers that have seemed out of reach for so long. Have you considered working in tech?

It takes a little bravery to step into this field of work, and for many women that can make it slightly off-putting. Know that there are opportunities out there for young women. Whether you’re a teenager who has been inspired by tech for the first time and wants to try as much as possible, or a recent graduate trying to find the ideal tech job and are being met with noise and confusion, know that there are ways to empower yourself and rightfully take your place in the world of tech.

Don’t believe me? Here are three key ways we should be helping each other find the right path.

Know where the opportunities lie

There is a growing demand for women in tech, but one of the biggest hurdles remaining is knowing exactly where the right jobs lie. It used to be that you’d have to spend a lifetime on the likes of Indeed, LinkedIn and Monster to get a sense of where the right opportunities lay.

You could walk into a recruitment agency today and tell them you specialise in cybersecurity consultancy (an expert niche of IT), only to be met with vacancies in cloud recruitment, all because the agency doesn’t understand the nuances of the tech sector.

Now there are dedicated recruiters in the tech sphere who are helping women get the positions they deserve. One such example is UK based Empiric. They are a “recruitment agency specialising in data, digital, cloud and security”, all with a focus on helping newcomers find not just any job but the right job.

Using a service like this can help any woman get not just a job but the right job in the right sector.

Know that it all starts at a young age

Speaking of Empiric, they are also passionate about helping young women reach the levels they deserve in tech that they created the Next Tech Girls programme. It’s a shocking statistic that less than 20% of people working in tech in the UK are female. Programmes like this get young women interested in tech from a young age by providing relevant work experience that wasn’t previously available.

The only way to know if a young girl may be interested in working in tech is by opening eyes to how much fun it can be. Things to do to help inspire that can include:

  • Finding local groups that teach kids to code
  • Use free resources like those available from Raspberry Pi
  • In fact, buy a child a Raspberry Pi to show them how a computer works
  • Instead of screen time dedicated to YouTube and Netflix, get everyone at home using apps that can teach coding. Even Minecraft teaches coding.

Know that tech isn’t for everyone

So maybe a STEM-based career might not be for you. There’s no need to worry that the business world will still be daunting. There are so many avenues to career opportunities out there that finding one you actively want to pursue may take time.

Remember that you want a career that makes you happy and isn’t “just a job”.You can always get career inspiration by reading the latest business related posts on the blog right here, chock full of tips and tricks to help anyone.

Are you interested in working in tech?

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