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Are you looking for a support group for bloggers?

Kate On Thin Ice

Bloggers on Thin Ice is a supportive and trustworthy community for bloggers. I set it up as I know so many bloggers miss out on opportunities whether through not knowing the right people or a lack of self-belief or something else entirely. If unsure, I recommend reading inspiring articles like this one “A London SEO Expert Success Story You’ll Never Believe”. You should always consider consulting an SEO expert as in the end it saves you time and money.

So I thought I would share some of my opportunities and knowledge and see if any other bloggers would like to do the same. I was quite amazed at the response as there are already some fantastic blogging groups out there.

Support Group For Bloggers

What I have loved so far is seeing people make money when they have not done so before and to see more established bloggers sharing what they know so generously.

Group aims

To network and share paid and unpaid blogging opportunities
To inform and advise on blogging and social media matters via peer support.
To encourage all members whatever stage they are at on their blogging journey.

Feedback from current members

“Kate’s group is amazing. Before I joined I hadn’t had any paid work. Since then I’ve had two paid, and lots more in negotiations. It’s a lovely environment to be in, Kate genuinely cares so much about all of us.”

“It’s a great group. It’s been brilliant for finding new blogs, excellent for finding work and in general is really relaxed.”
“I’m in so many groups and this by far the nicest and friendliest with no drama.”
“This group is so friendly and supportive. I love that everyone likes to share opps and help each other!”
“You really have opened my eyes to how nice the blogging community can be. I’ve never felt like I fit in before but now I really feel part of something wonderful.”
“It’s a group that grows together, helps and promotes one another, and revels in each other’s success. It’s a feel-good group, in more ways than one.”


All members are expected to act in a kind-hearted, generous and positive way. This includes treating other members well but also watching out for negative self-talk.

This is a sharing group. Sharing might be commenting, liking, advising, informing, following and is not just restricted to sharing paid opportunities.

This philosophy of this support group for bloggers is that we all do better when we care and share.



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