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Guide to self-care for perfectionists

Are you a perfectionist? I  know I can be driving myself way too hard and beating myself up emotionally when I don't reach unrealistic and self-imposed targets. Over the years, I have worked out these traits are not good for my mental wellbeing. I practise self-care more than I have

Importance of sleep

Sometimes after a long and hard day at work, all we crave is to get home, climb into our beds and sleep. With that in mind, you’ll be pleased to know that sleep is incredibly important for us to allow our bodies to relax and replenish., as well as helping

Future-proofing your home

Future-proofing your home may not be something you have considered. It is becoming increasingly vital to do so for a variety of reasons. We have an ageing population. More of us will be combining parenting and work lives with caring for elderly relatives. Even if you don't find yourself in

Employee rights for women

We are all equal in the workplace but some of us are more equal than others… as George Orwell almost said. The UK’s #EmployeeRightsDay  shines a light on the rights we should celebrate, but also the stories we can share about experiences in the workplace. Founder Alex Monaco is an employment law solicitor and author of The Resignation

How to overcome trauma

When you’re directly involved in a traumatic event, it can lead to confusing, frightening, and intense emotions. These emotions aren’t just felt by those who experienced the event. Traumatic events come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from actual or threatened death to a threat to one’s beliefs. They can