For women who don’t want to have babies, knowing he perfect birth control to use is necessary to ensure that goes smoothly to plan. Ut it is often said as though it is entirely down to the woman. In fact, it is all about both of you in your relationship, and what you both think you should be doing to reduce your chances of having a child. There are many reasons you might not want to have a child – overpopulation, careerism – and the days are long gone when you would be shamed for such a decision. Now, the important thing is how to ensure that you get it right. In this post, we are going to look at some of the best birth control options available to you and your partner, and which you might want to go for yourself.


Birth Control


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The Pill


Many people see the invention of the pill in the 60’s as a defining moment in female emancipation. The pill gives us more than the ability to control the likelihood of birth. It also means the ability to control periods a little more accurately, and for many it is also a symbol of sexual freedom. Whatever you opinion, you have to admit that it is one of the most powerful contraceptive options – and not for no reason at all. In fact, it remains one of the most trusted contraceptives in the world, and for many women it is still the go-to when they are looking for a permanent solution – rather than, say, condoms.


But the pill is not for everyone. It is full of hormones, and you will find that – depending on the brand – it is likely to have certain effects on your body which you might not like. You might also be surprised by just how much it can affect your mood – something which a lot of women are not prepared for, and as such it can come as a huge surprise. If you are going to take the pill, look at the packaging to see the side effects of that specific brand, because they all differ slightly. You might be beginning a process of going back and forth from one pill to another for years and years, trying out and trading off different side effects. Be sure that you are genuinely ready for the one that you are going to take, and make sure that your doctor agrees it is the right choice as well.


As long as you can manage to find a pill you are happy with, it might well be the perfect contraceptive for you. The main failings of the pill are that it can be easy to forget to take it, and missing even one reduces the effectiveness greatly – and that some of the rarer side effects can actually be pretty extreme. But for the majority of women, this is still the go-to option for a reason. These days, you can order your contraceptive pill online and make it even easier to have it on time, so there is no excuse not to take it every day once you do start taking it.

Birth Control


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The Coil


The coil provides a more permanent – if a little more frightening – solution than the pill, and in fact it also happens to be the single most effective contraception that there is on planet earth. It is a small T-shaped device which releases copper, which in turn kills sperm, and more and more women are turning to the coil as their main form of contraception.


The main advantage of this method is its permanence; once it has been installed, you don’t need to do anything, it will just protect you for up to five years, over 99.99% of the time in over a hundred thousand cases. This reliance is what causes many medical professionals to say that it is the single best contraception out there. But the question is: is it the right one for you?


One major disadvantage is just how invasive it can feel to have the coil inserted. You will need to have it inserted by a doctor, and many women complain of pain during this procedure. After insertion, you might also have to worry about cramps, nausea and even blood for a time, and your periods might feel more painful or seem a little heavier for about six months. All that being said, it remains popular for the very good reason that it is the most effective contraception there is. If you are really concerned with not getting pregnant, it might be the best option, as there is no pill to take – or to forget to take.

Birth Control


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The App


You might have heard in the news recently about an app which has been said to be one of the most effective contraceptives going. Natural Cycles is an app for your phone which has been certified by a number of global medicine industries to be an effective contraception, and more and more women are trying it out as we speak. So how does this work, and how can you possibly avoid getting pregnant using an app?

Basically, it uses your temperature to tell you whether or not you are currently in your fertile phase – and based on that information, you can then know whether or not it is safe to have sex. This might sound over-simplistic, but the fact is that hundreds of thousands of women around the world are using it, and it has been proven to work very reliably in many cases. Basically, it is an app which helps you with the process of natural planning. An obvious disadvantage of this is that it does not mean you can have sex at any time, whereas other contraceptives will allow you to do just that. It is also likely that many users will fail to record their temperature properly, or forget to do it for days in a row, and this will make it less reliable. You need to make sure you are genuinely ready to use it otherwise it might not work at all. But as long as you use it properly, it could be a non-invasive contraception which really works.

Which Birth  Control Is Best?
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Have you heard of the Aussie flu? This outbreak has hit the UK as many readers will already know.

It’s a timely reminder that prevention is better than cure and looking after yourself and your family is so important.

Are you sure your bodies are getting the right nutrients?

How you can protect yourself against Aussie flu?

Babi Chana, Nutritionist and Biochemist for Wiley’s Finest, has explained why Omega-3 is the essential nutrient to help our immunue system.

“Omega-3 fatty acids help our immune system and fight infections such as colds and flu. They build healthy mucous membranes – the delicate skin that lines the airways and digestive systems, which act as a first line barrier, guarding against entry of germs into the body.”

“Omega-3 EPA produces ‘eicosanoids’ that produce beneficial effects in the regulation of inflammation, immunity and blood clotting.”

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The Orange Liquid is great as you can incorporate it into juices.

Protect Yourself Against Aussie Flu

The Beginners DHA is great for toddlers. It can easily be incorporated into yoghurt, smoothies and baby food. It also comes with a little syringe so you can easily put it into your child’s mouth (and adorable little stickers).

Each of these bottles contains 50 servings. The total prize value is £95.56 and I am appreciative to Wiley’s Finest for their generosity.

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Getting beauty sleep isn’t as simple as going to bed early. Most of the time, there are a number of underlying factors that can prevent you from getting the sound sleep you deserve. Joy Richards, the resident sleep specialist at Happy Beds, shares her tips and tricks below.

Beauty Sleep

Make Sure You Unwind

It’s all very well making an effort to turn the light off earlier than usual, but if you’ve been busy doing a bit of ‘life admin’ until this point, your brain will still be wired.

Before you want to put your head down for the night, make sure you spend some time switching off from the working day. Have a bath and read a book, listen to some tranquil music and drink a cup of herbal tea – whatever works for you. I personally find a cup of chamomile particularly calming, and a drizzle of honey can take the edge off it if you find it bitter.

Beauty Sleep

Block Out Any Light

Light has a profound effect on sleep, so it’s essential that you create a sleep environment that eliminates your exposure to light come bedtime. If you have a street lamp outside your bedroom window, like I do, or your bedroom overlooks a busy main road, the glow of flashing lights is likely to disturb you.

I go to bed with a sleep mask every night and it makes a world of difference to the quality of my sleep – I’d be lost, and exhausted, without it!

Avoid Alcohol Before Bedtime

While it’s rewarding to have a cheeky glass of wine or beer after work, it’s not a good idea to continue drinking right up until bedtime.

You may find that drinking in the evening helps you to fall asleep, but you’ll also find that you won’t sleep the whole night through. So, if you’ve ever wondered why your sleep isn’t as restful after a heavy night out, blame the alcohol!

Swap your nightcap for a cup of cocoa and you’ll be on track to a peaceful night’s sleep.

Beauty Sleep


Invest in a New Mattress

A poor mattress can really take its toll on your back, causing pressure points that can result in pain and, in turn, disrupted sleep. If you struggle to attain high quality sleep because you’re in discomfort, don’t suffer; buy a new mattress.

It may seem like an extravagant solution but a decent mattress can last between five to ten years – and in that time you’ll get a lot of shuteye! Memory foam mattresses mould to your body shape, so no matter which position you sleep in, you’re in for a comfortable night’s sleep. If it’s time to update your mattress for a new one, I can’t recommend the memory foam enough.



These tips can completely transform your quality of sleep, and once you get into a routine of sleeping well, you’ll soon wake up in the mornings looking and feeling fresher!

About the Author

Joy Richards is the sleep specialist at online bed and mattress retailer Happy Beds. Check out more of her sleep-related tips and tricks at The Comfort Zone or, alternatively, browse the wide range of kids mattresses available and get a good night’s sleep every night of the week.

How To Ensure You Get Your Beauty Sleep

It takes time and effort to look good when you step outside, right? Wrong. This season is all about minimal outfit planning and maximum style.

The ‘effortless style’ trend is catching on fast — and why wouldn’t it, when you can look incredible without hours of prepping and customising? Effortless style is the art of using key wardrobe staples to create a perfectly polished and stylish outfit with none of the effort.

Want to learn more about slashing your getting-ready time while achieving the same fabulous look? Check out this quick style guide.

Long-sleeved dresses

Almost zero effort is required to rock a long-sleeve jumper dress, and the style is perfect for these dark mornings and chilly evenings. There is no time wasted choosing matching garments and with long, knitted sleeves, there’s no need to scour your closet for a complementing coat, either.

Got a special date coming up? Show off your curves with fitted jumper dresses and wrap a chunky belt around your waist for a sultry hourglass figure. When it’s time for a catch-up with the girls, wear your jumper dress with over-the-knee boots — the ideal dressy-casual outfit.


With rain and snow still making appearances, now’s the time to make the most of everyone’s go-to footwear: ankle boots. As they look good with anything and offer maximum comfort, this shoe style is famous for offering an easy solution to your wardrobe dilemmas.

Go for a chunky-heel ankle boot in tan, grey or black that you can wear both day and night, or slip on a pair of sock boots featuring a pointed toe, high heel and textured fabric that fits to the ankle. These go great with skinny jeans and cropped, woolly jumpers.


Who has time to waste picking out layers of clothing on a morning? When you can’t be bothered to match t-shirts, jumpers, cardis, and coats; opt for knitwear. The woollen trends predicted for this year include; stripes, cable-knit and oversized jumpers. So, treat yourself to a selection and mix them up with jeans, tapered trousers and skirts.

High-neck tops

This season will revolve around this top style. Pull on a polo neck underneath a square-necked top for an eye-catching blend of styles, then slip on your trusty pair of ankle boots with a pair of dark denim jeans for the perfect outfit for the start of 2018.

When it’s time to head to work, nobody wants to run late because of a wardrobe malfunction. Wear a turtle-neck top with a tailored blazer combo for a cosy office-ready look. On warmer days, you can also pair a roll-neck top with a pinafore or sleeveless sundress.

Jewellery and bags

Focus on a small selection of your favourite pieces to save time customising your outfit in the morning. Leather is eternally stylish, and a small black bag in this material can put the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Black is an ideal option to go for if you’re hoping to use it every day, but why not buy one with a cute pattern to keep things interesting? Or go for a brightly coloured one and wear it with matching shoes, a pair of black jeans and a complementary dressy top.


Statement earrings featuring tassels and huge hoops are capable of bringing any outfit to life. Choose a black or gold pair and keep them in your bag to wear for after-work drinks — saves you time sprucing up your entire outfit.


Clearly, dressing on-trend does not need hours of prepping and planning. Simply purchase a few pf these staple pieces for your wardrobe and dress them up or down for each event.

How To Dress With Effortless Style

Mummies Waiting
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Your child has decided to go to university. It’s exciting. It’s scary, and it can be heartbreaking but there are ways you can help your child, and you, deal with them setting off on their new life.

Help Them Plan

There are plenty of ways to assist when it comes to sending your child off to continue their studying. From budgeting advice to planning where they are going to stay. From helping them to organise their reading lists to looking at Urbanest student accommodation near to their University.  Parents can become so submerged though n the idea of their child going away it masks what happens when they actually leave, and that can come as a bit of a shock.

No Good at Goodbye

It’s here. The day you knew was coming, the day you have been planning for months, yet all too soon it’s on your doorstep, and you don’t know how to feel. Although it’s very common for parents to feel emotional, even parents who have been avoiding the subject can’t help but feel a little sad. This is unavoidable, this day marking the end of what was normal family life and is moving the family dynamic into a whole new era. Of course,e you will continue to be a guiding light for your child yet the time for you to be at the centre of everything they are doing has come and gone. It’s a vast and often overwhelming occurrence, but there are ways to help all of you deal with the adjustment.

Plan the departure day as much as you can. Many parents drop their child off, seeing them into their accommodation or dorm and then walking away after that lingering cup of coffee. If you do decide on this route, then be prepared for how wrenching this can be. Your child will also feel this, though of course, they may be less inclined to show it.

No matter how you are feeling, try to remain upbeat about how fantastic your child’s choice is. They have committed to continue their studying and to expand their knowledge, and you should be very proud of that. If you can manage it, try to save your tears until they are out of sight. This will ultimately make it easier on both of you in the long run.

Returning Home To The Nest

The sense of loss you may feel is genuine and shouldn’t be overlooked or undermined. It is merely a sign that you have invested yourself entirely and been a fantastic parent so pat yourself on the back for that. You may want to remind yourself that you have raised and encouraged an independent and responsible adult, one prepared to better themselves. Well done.

Saying that there is no way around the fact that it hurts. You grieve. And you must give yourself and your partner time to do this. You may also find they are dealing with it better than you think you are or they should be and this may cause some resentment. Be kind to each other and try to be as comforting as possible.

Always On The End Of The Phone

It will be necessary for both of you once you have settled into your new routine not to be overly in your face in contacting your child. Tough as it is, you have to accept your child is an adult and as such will get on with things on their own as much as they can.  Of course, you will still be there for them at the end of the phone, but they will no longer perhaps share all the details of their days and nights. Before they leave, agree on how often you will aim for contact and how via email or phone or texts and try your best to stick to it.

As tough as it is, this could now be an exciting time for you both to start a new phase and look forward to exciting new futures.

No Good At Goodbye

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