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9 easy ways to avoid tummy trouble

Here are 9 easy ways to avoid tummy trouble because let’s fact it, when it strikes it is yucky and as a busy woman you need to be on your game.

I thought I would say more about stomach health as Love Your Gut Week is just around the corner beginning on 4 September.

It might surprise you to find out that a lack of sleep can have an adverse effect on your appetite, body weight and how well your bowels work. It goes without saying that fatty snacks, booze and coffee won’t help you get a good night’s sleep.

  • Relaxation is one of the easy ways to avoid tummy trouble so do try and avoid stress. If you are anxious, adrenaline will speed up the passage of food through  your body and this is bad for you.
  • 9 Easy Ways To Avoid Tummy Trouble

    Diet and exercise

    • Good nutrition is vital so include protein rich food, carbs, essential oils and fibre-rich grains and cereals. Do not neglect your five a day and citrus fruits, berries, kiwi fruits, courgettes, squash, aubergines, tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce are foods that are often recommended for those with a sensitive gut. Do not skip breakfast however busy your day.
    • Maintain good levels of hydration and yes I know lots of us struggle to drink a s much water as we should  but when your health depends on it, it really is just a case of getting into the habit.
    • Swim, walk and find other exercise methods that can help get rid of excess weight which puts too much pressure on your stomach.

    Easy ways to avoid tummy trouble

    • Booze will not help your gut health so try not to go mad or drink on an empty stomach. Although the odd drink is fine, too much can lead to liver disease.
    • There are lots of very good reasons not to smoke and maintain a healthy digestion is just one of them.
    • Don’t take your gut health for granted as one day it may let you down and as a mum you are in a great position to educate your kids on good ways of protecting their health.
    • .For tips and recipes visit www.loveyourgut.com .








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