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Money worries and their emotional impact

Money worries are something I know a lot about. Over the years I have had my own and as a debt counsellor, I have helped so many families and individuals get out of debt and manage their finances better.

One thing that always strikes me is how troublesome the emotions around money worries and debt issues can be. It is so difficult to take practical action when you are in a blind panic as to who will knock on the door next, what threatening letter will appear in the post and how you are going to manage to put on a show at Christmas for the kids.

Money worries

I asked some parents to describe their feelings when bills are high and income sometimes does not cover basis expenditure.

“When money is tight I feel suffocated and overwhelmed.” –  Kirsty

Money Worries

“I have a mental money line beneath which I get extremely stressed” – Kati

Debt problems

“I hate being in debt and wish I could be done with it once and for all” –  Claire

“I hate having money worries. When I do I am in a bad mood and miserable” –  Victoria

“Money worries can leave you feeling very lonely. When my wife was pregnant with our third child and had stopped working I didn’t want to tell her we were falling more and more into debt” -. Peter

“Completely out of my depth and very uptight” – Kimberley


“I feel awful that we are having to be so tight with money Myself and my husband work 4 jobs between us and we still have to tell the girls no. As a parent it really hurts” -. Jade

“I hate it. It make me fell like all my options, choices and freedoms belong to somebody else like I have to justify every treat or non-essential item to some invisible banker. It makes me feel like I have no control over my future” – Luschka

Using my experience as a debt counsellor, I have put together a little money plan that will help people take baby steps to tackle money trouble. Subscribe to my blog and I will send you this resource.  This is free of charge and just might help you get on track to solving those money issues once and for all

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  • Mackenzie Glanville

    When money is tight it is really stressful, I sometimes feel like I can’t take the kids on days out as we spend too much. But when we save a do nice things I feel really good about it. For us it is paying for their private schooling that makes things tight but we believe it will be worth it because the local school where we live are just not up to scratch with staff and we want them to have good support. #ablogginggoodtime

    • Rachel Craig

      Maybe you could review your Days Out, and what is costly about them. As getting outdoors is healthy, some exercise if free. Homemade sandwiches can be cheaper than shop bought etc. There may be ways in which you could reduce costs.

      There is a huge number of people who could never afford private education. Education is provided for children and paid for via the British Taxpayers. That Education should be good, and the providers of such education should be accountable, and aiming for improvement.

      It may be that you view private education as an investment : You expect to Benefit from it. If so, why? Royal family use private education, are some aiming to aspire to that level? Is that possible?

  • Ali Duke

    Thinking about money problems is always tough on the mind. I know from personal experiecnce how hard it can be.

    • Rachel Craig

      There may be many reasons :- A sense of guilt, failure. May be suffering poor health due to stress, negative feelings, lack of good nutrition, lack of good quality rest and sleep etc. Poverty can be much more than poor finances. That is why it should be eradicated.

  • Vicky

    I think these comments are probably very true for a lot of people. I am so lucky because whilst I am terrible with money, my other half is fantastic. He is brilliant at working out a budget and making sure we always have a rainy day pot. Sometimes I feel guilty because he takes all of that on his shoulders and I purely rely on him. But then – I would just spend it all on Jimmy Choos, so it is probably a good thing! #TheListLinky

    • Rachel Craig

      Vicky it is nice that you acknowledge your other half’s positive attributes. Maybe we could all learn from him, and possibly build up some healthy financial skills in regards to managing money, household budget, etc.

      Delighted that you appreciate support and assistance from your other half.

  • Kelly Edwards

    Having money worries can be very difficult. Luckily, I’ve always been quite a spreadsheet nerd for mine! Thanks for linking up to #fortheloveofblog

  • Emma

    Money is something that a lot of people worry about or claim they have none of, when actually they have more than most but manage it badly. It’s not until you’ve had to go to the food bank and go without food so that your children can eat, that you realise how hard it really is to have money worries. Ive been there and am so much more chilled out about money now. If I run out of money before payday now, I know I need to budget better the next week. I still have a lot or debts from when i had cancer and when i got divorced but I don’t let it stress me out anymore. If I survived 3 months with zero money coming in, then I know I can survive now now I have wages coming in. There is always someone worse off than you.

  • Rachel Craig

    Lacking finances (money) can be stressful, as it seems almost everything has a financial cost. So when income is lacking:- How can an individual or family meet basic needs. Housing / Shelter, Food, Clean Water, Toiletries, Clothing, Etc. To lack these basics leads to lack of Self- Respect,Self -Esteem,Etc.

    A Fairer Society is very much needed. One which allows individuals, families, etc to be able to access finances, Employment, Mutual Respect, Acceptance, Etc.

    It seems that the Ultra Rich, Super Rich, Etc should give up some of their wealth in order that others can have some opportunities and quality of life.

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