How often should you get a new duvet?

How often should you get a new duvet?

Opinions vary. However, over the years I have tried all manner of duvets. I like a 15 tog and at any time of year too. I think whoever originally designed the duvet deserves a medal! Every day is a duvet day in my house.

Today it is freezing cold so time for a duvet on the sofa. Duvets are not just for bedrooms!

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Over the years I have sometimes made the mistake of buying cheap and cheerful duvets and always lived to regret it. Savings can be made in other areas – a good duvet is essential for my happiness!

Sleepy People have a range of High-tog Duvets (15 tog) ideal for the winter weather. Let’s face it winter seems to be going on and on this year. We have blue skies but it is so very cold.

15 tog is the highest tog-value of duvets and is guaranteed to keep your body toasty!

So I am a 15 tog girl but my husband prefers a lower tog rating so we compromised and tried the luxurious 13.5 tog Egyptian cotton double duvet made from finest quality soft plain weave cotton fabric that gives extra comfort and softness.

•This duvet is filled with a smooth silk like hollow fibre filling to give it a soft and silky feel.
•100% soft silk like hollow fibre filling
•100% luxury Egyptian cotton cover
•Superior stitching pattern to hold filling in place
•Machine washable at 40°C
•Suitable for tumble drying

We both love the duvet and it fits our kingsize bed properly so that we are not fighting for it in the night both feeling covered adequately, again something you don’t get with poor quality duvets.

I was so thrilled with the duvet that I made a great reason to go and buy a new bedding set to go with it.

How often do you get a new duvet?

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